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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification Component Installation MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification Component Installation

As of MySQL 8.0.33, components provide access to MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification functionality. Previously, MySQL implemented masking and de-identification capabilities as a plugin library file containing a plugin and several loadable functions. Before you begin the component installation, remove the data_masking plugin and all of its loadable functions to avoid conflicts. For instructions, see Section, “MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification Plugin Installation”.

MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification database table and components are:

  • masking_dictionaries table

    Purpose: A table in the mysql system schema that provides persistent storage of dictionaries and terms.

  • component_masking component

    Purpose: The component implements the core of the masking functionality and exposes it as services.

    URN: file://component_masking

  • component_masking_functions component

    Purpose: The component exposes all functionality of the component_masking component as loadable functions. Some of the functions require the MASKING_DICTIONARIES_ADMIN dynamic privilege.

    URN: file://component_masking_functions

To set up MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification, do the following:

  1. Create the masking_dictionaries table.

        Dictionary VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL,
        Term VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL,
        UNIQUE INDEX dictionary_term_idx (Dictionary, Term),
        INDEX dictionary_idx (Dictionary)
    ) ENGINE = InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb4;
  2. Use the INSTALL COMPONENT SQL statement to install data masking components.

    INSTALL COMPONENT 'file://component_masking';
    INSTALL COMPONENT 'file://component_masking_functions';

    If the components and functions are used on a replication source server, install them on all replica servers as well to avoid replication issues. While the components are loaded, information about them is available as described in Section 7.5.2, “Obtaining Component Information”.

To remove MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification, do the following:

  1. Use the UNINSTALL COMPONENT SQL statement to uninstall the data masking components.

    UNINSTALL COMPONENT 'file://component_masking_functions';
    UNINSTALL COMPONENT 'file://component_masking';
  2. Drop the masking_dictionaries table.

    DROP TABLE mysql.masking_dictionaries;

component_masking_functions installs all of the related loadable functions automatically. Similarly, the component when uninstalled also automatically uninstalls those functions. For general information about installing or uninstalling components, see Section 7.5.1, “Installing and Uninstalling Components”.