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Excerpts from this Manual Cloning Encrypted Data

Cloning of encrypted data is supported. The following requirements apply:

  • A secure connection is required when cloning remote data to ensure safe transfer of unencrypted tablespace keys over the network. Tablespace keys are decrypted at the donor before transport and re-encrypted at the recipient using the recipient master key. An error is reported if an encrypted connection is not available or the REQUIRE NO SSL clause is used in the CLONE INSTANCE statement. For information about configuring an encrypted connection for cloning, see Configuring an Encrypted Connection for Cloning.

  • When cloning data to a local data directory that uses a locally managed keyring, the same keyring must be used when starting the MySQL server on the clone directory.

  • When cloning data to a remote data directory (the recipient directory) that uses a locally managed keyring, the recipient keyring must be used when starting the MySQL sever on the cloned directory.


The innodb_redo_log_encrypt and innodb_undo_log_encrypt variable settings cannot be modified while a cloning operation is in progress.

For information about the data encryption feature, see Section 15.13, “InnoDB Data-at-Rest Encryption”.