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Excerpts from this Manual

MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  myisamlog — Display MyISAM Log File Contents

4.6.5 myisamlog — Display MyISAM Log File Contents

myisamlog processes the contents of a MyISAM log file. To create such a file, start the server with a --log-isam=log_file option.

Invoke myisamlog like this:

shell> myisamlog [options] [file_name [tbl_name] ...]

The default operation is update (-u). If a recovery is done (-r), all writes and possibly updates and deletes are done and errors are only counted. The default log file name is myisam.log if no log_file argument is given. If tables are named on the command line, only those tables are updated.

myisamlog supports the following options:

  • -?, -I

    Display a help message and exit.

  • -c N

    Execute only N commands.

  • -f N

    Specify the maximum number of open files.

  • -F filepath/

    Specify the file path with a trailing slash.

  • -i

    Display extra information before exiting.

  • -o offset

    Specify the starting offset.

  • -p N

    Remove N components from path.

  • -r

    Perform a recovery operation.

  • -R record_pos_file record_pos

    Specify record position file and record position.

  • -u

    Perform an update operation.

  • -v

    Verbose mode. Print more output about what the program does. This option can be given multiple times to produce more and more output.

  • -w write_file

    Specify the write file.

  • -V

    Display version information.

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