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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Replication and Fractional Seconds Support Replication and Fractional Seconds Support

MySQL 5.7 permits fractional seconds for TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP values, with up to microseconds (6 digits) precision. See Section 12.3.6, “Fractional Seconds in Time Values”.

There may be problems replicating from a master server that understands fractional seconds to an older slave (MySQL 5.6.3 and earlier) that does not:

  • For CREATE TABLE statements containing columns that have an fsp (fractional seconds precision) value greater than 0, replication will fail due to parser errors.

  • Statements that use temporal data types with an fsp value of 0 will work for with statement-based logging but not row-based logging. In the latter case, the data types have binary formats and type codes on the master that differ from those on the slave.

  • Some expression results will differ on master and slave. Examples: On the master, the timestamp system variable returns a value that includes a microseconds fractional part; on the slave, it returns an integer. On the master, functions that return a result that includes the current time (such as CURTIME(), SYSDATE(), or UTC_TIMESTAMP()) interpret an argument as an fsp value and the return value includes a fractional seconds part of that many digits. On the slave, these functions permit an argument but ignore it.

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