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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Supported Keyring Key Types Supported Keyring Key Types

MySQL Keyring supports generating keys of different types (encryption algorithms) and lengths. The available key types depend on which keyring plugin is installed. A given plugin may also impose constraints on key lengths per key type.

Table 6.22, “Keyring Plugin Key Types” summarizes the permitted key types per keyring plugin. Lengths are in bytes. For a key generated using one of the keyring user-defined functions (UDFs) described in Section, “General-Purpose Keyring Key-Management Functions”, the length can be no more than 2,048 bytes, due to limitations of the UDF interface.

Table 6.22 Keyring Plugin Key Types

Plugin Name Permitted Key Type Permitted Key Lengths for Key Type
keyring_file AES No special restrictions
DSA No special restrictions
RSA No special restrictions
keyring_okv AES 16, 24, 32
keyring_aws AES 16, 24, 32
DSA 128, 256, 384
RSA 128, 256, 512

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