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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Security-Related mysqld Options and Variables

6.1.4 Security-Related mysqld Options and Variables

The following table shows mysqld options and system variables that affect security. For descriptions of each of these, see Section 5.1.3, “Server Command Options”, and Section 5.1.4, “Server System Variables”.

Table 6.1 Security Option/Variable Summary

NameCmd-LineOption FileSystem VarStatus VarVar ScopeDynamic
automatic_sp_privileges Yes GlobalYes
local_infile Yes GlobalYes
old_passwords Yes BothYes
secure-authYesYes GlobalYes
- Variable: secure_auth Yes GlobalYes
secure-file-privYesYes GlobalNo
- Variable: secure_file_priv Yes GlobalNo
skip-name-resolveYesYes GlobalNo
- Variable: skip_name_resolve Yes GlobalNo
skip-networkingYesYes GlobalNo
- Variable: skip_networking Yes GlobalNo
skip-show-databaseYesYes GlobalNo
- Variable: skip_show_database Yes GlobalNo

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