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2.73 DUMP 2514





Kernel Block


Description.  Provides information counts for allocated, seized, stateless, stateful, and scanning transaction objects for each API node.

The syntax for this command is shown here:

DUMP 2514 [instanceno]

This command takes the DBTC instance number (instanceno) as an optional argument; if not specified, it defaults to 0. The instanceno is not needed if there is only one instance of DBTC.

Sample Output. 

Start of ApiConnectRec summary (6144 total allocated)
  Api node 10 connect records seized : 0 stateless : 0 stateful : 0 scan : 0
  Api node 11 connect records seized : 2 stateless : 0 stateful : 0 scan : 0
  Api node 12 connect records seized : 1 stateless : 0 stateful : 0 scan : 0

The total number of records allocated depends on the number of transactions and a number of other factors, with the value of MaxNoOfConcurrentTransactions setting an upper limit. See the description of this parameter for more information

Additional Information.  There are two possible states for each record, listed here:

  1. Available: In the per-data node pool, not yet seized by any API node

  2. Seized: Reserved from the per-data node pool by a particular API

Seized nodes further be divided into a number of categories or sub-states, as shown in the following list:

  • Ready: (Not counted here) Seized, ready for use; can be calculated for an API as # seized - (# stateless + # stateful + # scan)

  • Stateless: Record was last used for a 'stateless' transaction, and is effectively ready

  • Stateful: Record is in use by a transaction

  • Scan: Record is in use for a scan (table or ordered index)