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2.182 DUMP 104002





Kernel Block


Description.  Set using DUMP 104002 overhead, where overhead is a value ranging from 0 to 10000, inclusive. This value is used to determine the number of units of CPU time allowed to gain 1 unit of latency, according to the formula shown here:

[time allowed] = 1.3 + (overhead / 100)

This means that an overhead of 0 results in 1.3 units of CPU time allowed, and that the default overhead of 70 results in 1.3 + 70/100 = 2 units of CPU time allowed.

In most cases, rather than to set SetAllowedSpinOverhead directly using this DUMP command, it is sufficient to allow its value to be determined by one of the preset values for the SpinMethod data node configuration parameter.

Additional Information.  Added in NDB 8.0.20.