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2.47 DUMP 2352


node_id 2352 operation_id



Kernel Block


Description.  Gets information about an operation with a given operation ID.

Sample Output.  First, obtain a dump of operations. Here, we use DUMP 2350 to get a dump of all operations on data node 5 from API node 100:

2014-10-15 13:36:26 [MgmtSrvr] INFO     -- Node 100: Event buffer status: used=1025KB(100%) alloc=1025KB(0%) max=0B apply_epoch=273419/1 latest_epoch=273419/1

In this case, there is a single operation reported on node 5, whose operation ID is 3. To obtain the transaction ID and primary key for the operation having 3 as its ID, we use the node ID and operation ID with DUMP 2352 as shown here:

ndb_mgm> 5 DUMP 2352 3

The following is written to the cluster log:

2014-10-15 13:45:20 [MgmtSrvr] INFO     -- Node 5: OP[3]: transid: 0xf 0x806400 key: 0x2

Additional Information.  Use DUMP 2350 to obtain an operation ID. See the example shown previously.