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2.154 DUMP 103005





Kernel Block


Description.  Sends a CmvmiSendDummySignal having a given size and sections to the specified node. This is used to verify that messages with certain signal sizes and sections can be sent and received—this is also recorded by the event logger. The resulting log entry should be matched with that generated when receiving DUMP 103004 (see same). Syntax is shown here:

node_id DUMP 103005 to_id from_id padding frag_size sections length1 [length2 ..]

Arguments are described in the following list:

  • node_id: ID of the node where the command is executed

  • to_id: node ID of the destination of the signal

  • from_id: node ID of the signal's origin

  • padding: padding size

  • frag_size: fragment size

  • sections: number of sections

  • length1[, length2][, ...]: lengths of each of the sections

Sample Output. 


Additional Information.  Added in NDB 8.0.