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2.152 DUMP 103003





Kernel Block


Description.  Sends a DUMP command using another node. The syntax is shown here, and explained in the paragraph following:

node_id DUMP 103003 other_node_id dump_cmd_no [args]

node_id is the ID of the node on which the command is issued (as usual). other_node_id is the ID of the node where the command is actually executed. dump_cmd_no is the number of the DUMP command to be executed on the other node; args represents any additional arguments required by that DUMP command.

Sample Output.  (Output is dependent on the command that is sent.)

Additional Information.  This command is particularly useful because it can be employed to send a DUMP command to an API node, since API nodes are connected to data nodes only, and not to the management server.

This command was added in NDB 8.0.