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Chapter 6 sys Schema Objects

The following tables show all sys schema objects available across MySQL Server 5.7 through 8.0. Each table contains these columns:

  • Name: The item name.

  • Introduced: The version or versions in which the item was introduced. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • Deprecated: The version or versions in which the item was deprecated. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • Removed: The version or versions in which the item was removed. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • 5.7, 8.0, and so forth: Whether the item is available in the corresponding MySQL Server series. The indicator links to the item description in the main reference manual if more information is available.

    An item has a row in the table if it ever existed in any series shown in the table. The value displayed for a given series indicates item availability in that series:

    • Yes: The item is available in all production-ready General Availability (GA) versions. For a series that has not reached GA status, Yes indicates that the item is available in the most recently released pre-GA version.

    • Some: The item is available in some GA versions. This is the case if the item was introduced after the first GA version, or removed from some GA version.

    • Blank: The item is not available in any GA version. Either it does not exist in the series, or existed in pre-GA versions but was removed before the series reached GA status.

Table 6.1 sys Schema Table and Trigger Reference

Table or Trigger Name 5.7 8.0
sys_config Yes Yes
sys_config_insert_set_user Yes Yes
sys_config_update_set_user Yes Yes

Table 6.2 sys Schema View Reference

View Name Deprecated 5.7 8.0
host_summary, x$host_summary Yes Yes
host_summary_by_file_io, x$host_summary_by_file_io Yes Yes
host_summary_by_file_io_type, x$host_summary_by_file_io_type Yes Yes
host_summary_by_stages, x$host_summary_by_stages Yes Yes
host_summary_by_statement_latency, x$host_summary_by_statement_latency Yes Yes
host_summary_by_statement_type, x$host_summary_by_statement_type Yes Yes
innodb_buffer_stats_by_schema, x$innodb_buffer_stats_by_schema Yes Yes
innodb_buffer_stats_by_table, x$innodb_buffer_stats_by_table Yes Yes
innodb_lock_waits, x$innodb_lock_waits Yes Yes
io_by_thread_by_latency, x$io_by_thread_by_latency Yes Yes
io_global_by_file_by_bytes, x$io_global_by_file_by_bytes Yes Yes
io_global_by_file_by_latency, x$io_global_by_file_by_latency Yes Yes
io_global_by_wait_by_bytes, x$io_global_by_wait_by_bytes Yes Yes
io_global_by_wait_by_latency, x$io_global_by_wait_by_latency Yes Yes
latest_file_io, x$latest_file_io Yes Yes
memory_by_host_by_current_bytes, x$memory_by_host_by_current_bytes Yes Yes
memory_by_thread_by_current_bytes, x$memory_by_thread_by_current_bytes Yes Yes
memory_by_user_by_current_bytes, x$memory_by_user_by_current_bytes Yes Yes
memory_global_by_current_bytes, x$memory_global_by_current_bytes Yes Yes
memory_global_total, x$memory_global_total Yes Yes
metrics Yes Yes
processlist, x$processlist Yes Yes
ps_check_lost_instrumentation Yes Yes
schema_auto_increment_columns Yes Yes
schema_index_statistics, x$schema_index_statistics Yes Yes
schema_object_overview Yes Yes
schema_redundant_indexes Yes Yes
schema_table_lock_waits, x$schema_table_lock_waits Yes Yes
schema_table_statistics, x$schema_table_statistics Yes Yes
schema_table_statistics_with_buffer, x$schema_table_statistics_with_buffer Yes Yes
schema_tables_with_full_table_scans, x$schema_tables_with_full_table_scans Yes Yes
schema_unused_indexes Yes Yes
session, x$session Yes Yes
session_ssl_status Yes Yes
statement_analysis, x$statement_analysis Yes Yes
statements_with_errors_or_warnings, x$statements_with_errors_or_warnings Yes Yes
statements_with_full_table_scans, x$statements_with_full_table_scans Yes Yes
statements_with_runtimes_in_95th_percentile, x$statements_with_runtimes_in_95th_percentile Yes Yes
statements_with_sorting, x$statements_with_sorting Yes Yes
statements_with_temp_tables, x$statements_with_temp_tables Yes Yes
user_summary, x$user_summary Yes Yes
user_summary_by_file_io, x$user_summary_by_file_io Yes Yes
user_summary_by_file_io_type, x$user_summary_by_file_io_type Yes Yes
user_summary_by_stages, x$user_summary_by_stages Yes Yes
user_summary_by_statement_latency, x$user_summary_by_statement_latency Yes Yes
user_summary_by_statement_type, x$user_summary_by_statement_type Yes Yes
version 5.7.28, 8.0.18 Yes Yes
wait_classes_global_by_avg_latency, x$wait_classes_global_by_avg_latency Yes Yes
wait_classes_global_by_latency, x$wait_classes_global_by_latency Yes Yes
waits_by_host_by_latency, x$waits_by_host_by_latency Yes Yes
waits_by_user_by_latency, x$waits_by_user_by_latency Yes Yes
waits_global_by_latency, x$waits_global_by_latency Yes Yes
x$ps_digest_95th_percentile_by_avg_us Yes Yes
x$ps_digest_avg_latency_distribution Yes Yes
x$ps_schema_table_statistics_io Yes Yes
x$schema_flattened_keys Yes Yes

Table 6.3 sys Schema Stored Procedure Reference

Stored Procedure Name 5.7 8.0
create_synonym_db() Yes Yes
diagnostics() Yes Yes
execute_prepared_stmt() Yes Yes
ps_setup_disable_background_threads() Yes Yes
ps_setup_disable_consumer() Yes Yes
ps_setup_disable_instrument() Yes Yes
ps_setup_disable_thread() Yes Yes
ps_setup_enable_background_threads() Yes Yes
ps_setup_enable_consumer() Yes Yes
ps_setup_enable_instrument() Yes Yes
ps_setup_enable_thread() Yes Yes
ps_setup_reload_saved() Yes Yes
ps_setup_reset_to_default() Yes Yes
ps_setup_save() Yes Yes
ps_setup_show_disabled() Yes Yes
ps_setup_show_disabled_consumers() Yes Yes
ps_setup_show_disabled_instruments() Yes Yes
ps_setup_show_enabled() Yes Yes
ps_setup_show_enabled_consumers() Yes Yes
ps_setup_show_enabled_instruments() Yes Yes
ps_statement_avg_latency_histogram() Yes Yes
ps_trace_statement_digest() Yes Yes
ps_trace_thread() Yes Yes
ps_truncate_all_tables() Yes Yes
statement_performance_analyzer() Yes Yes
table_exists() Yes Yes

Table 6.4 sys Schema Stored Function Reference

Stored Function Name Introduced Deprecated 5.7 8.0
extract_schema_from_file_name() Yes Yes
extract_table_from_file_name() Yes Yes
format_bytes() 8.0.16 Yes Yes
format_path() Yes Yes
format_statement() Yes Yes
format_time() 8.0.16 Yes Yes
list_add() Yes Yes
list_drop() Yes Yes
ps_is_account_enabled() Yes Yes
ps_is_consumer_enabled() Yes Yes
ps_is_instrument_default_enabled() Yes Yes
ps_is_instrument_default_timed() Yes Yes
ps_is_thread_instrumented() Yes Yes
ps_thread_account() Yes Yes
ps_thread_id() 8.0.16 Yes Yes
ps_thread_stack() Yes Yes
ps_thread_trx_info() Yes Yes
quote_identifier() 5.7.14 Some Yes
sys_get_config() Yes Yes
version_major() Yes Yes
version_minor() Yes Yes
version_patch() Yes Yes