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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The memory_global_by_current_bytes and x$memory_global_by_current_bytes Views The memory_global_by_current_bytes and x$memory_global_by_current_bytes Views

These views summarize memory use, grouped by allocation type (that is, by event). By default, rows are sorted by descending amount of memory used.

The memory_global_by_current_bytes and x$memory_global_by_current_bytes views have these columns:

  • event_name

    The memory event name.

  • current_count

    The total number of occurrences of the event.

  • current_alloc

    The current number of allocated bytes that have not been freed yet for the event.

  • current_avg_alloc

    The current number of allocated bytes per memory block for the event.

  • high_count

    The high-water mark for number of memory blocks allocated for the event.

  • high_alloc

    The high-water mark for number of bytes allocated for the event.

  • high_avg_alloc

    The high-water mark for average number of bytes per memory block allocated for the event.