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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The format_statement() Function The format_statement() Function

Given a string (normally representing an SQL statement), reduces it to the length given by the statement_truncate_len configuration option, and returns the result. No truncation occurs if the string is shorter than statement_truncate_len. Otherwise, the middle part of the string is replaced by an ellipsis (...).

This function is useful for formatting possibly lengthy statements retrieved from Performance Schema tables to a known fixed maximum length.

  • statement LONGTEXT: The statement to format.

Configuration Options

format_statement() operation can be modified using the following configuration options or their corresponding user-defined variables (see Section, “The sys_config Table”):

  • statement_truncate_len, @sys.statement_truncate_len

    The maximum length of statements returned by the format_statement() function. Longer statements are truncated to this length. The default is 64.

Return Value



By default, format_statement() truncates statements to be no more than 64 characters. Setting @sys.statement_truncate_len changes the truncation length for the current session:

mysql> SET @stmt = 'SELECT variable, value, set_time, set_by FROM sys_config';
mysql> SELECT format_statement(@stmt);
| format_statement(@stmt)                                  |
| SELECT variable, value, set_time, set_by FROM sys_config |
mysql> SET @sys.statement_truncate_len = 32;
mysql> SELECT format_statement(@stmt);
| format_statement(@stmt)           |
| SELECT variabl ... ROM sys_config |

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