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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The schema_index_statistics and x$schema_index_statistics Views The schema_index_statistics and x$schema_index_statistics Views

These views provide index statistics. By default, rows are sorted by descending total index latency.

The schema_index_statistics and x$schema_index_statistics views have these columns:

  • table_schema

    The schema that contains the table.

  • table_name

    The table that contains the index.

  • index_name

    The name of the index.

  • rows_selected

    The total number of rows read using the index.

  • select_latency

    The total wait time of timed reads using the index.

  • rows_inserted

    The total number of rows inserted into the index.

  • insert_latency

    The total wait time of timed inserts into the index.

  • rows_updated

    The total number of rows updated in the index.

  • update_latency

    The total wait time of timed updates in the index.

  • rows_deleted

    The total number of rows deleted from the index.

  • delete_latency

    The total wait time of timed deletes from the index.

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