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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The quote_identifier() Function The quote_identifier() Function

Given a string argument, this function produces a quoted identifier suitable for inclusion in SQL statements. This is useful when a value to be used as an identifier is a reserved word or contains backtick (`) characters. It was added in MySQL 5.7.14.


in_identifier TEXT: The identifier to quote.

Return Value

A TEXT value.

mysql> SELECT sys.quote_identifier('plain');
| sys.quote_identifier('plain') |
| `plain`                       |
mysql> SELECT sys.quote_identifier('trick`ier');
| sys.quote_identifier('trick`ier') |
| `trick``ier`                      |
mysql> SELECT sys.quote_identifier('integer');
| sys.quote_identifier('integer') |
| `integer`                       |

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