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Chapter 3 Loadable Functions

The following table shows all loadable functions available in MySQL Server 5.7, 8.0, and 8.1. The table contains these columns:

  • Name: The item name.

  • Introduced: The version or versions in which the item was introduced. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • Deprecated: The version or versions in which the item was deprecated. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • Removed: The version or versions in which the item was removed. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • 5.7, 8.0, 8.1: Whether the item is available in the corresponding MySQL Server release series. The indicator links to the item description in the main reference manual if more information is available.

    An item has a row in the table if it ever existed in any series shown in the table. The value displayed for a given series indicates item availability in that series:

    • Yes: The item is available in all production-ready General Availability (GA) versions. For a series that has not reached GA status, Yes indicates that the item is available in the most recently released pre-GA version.

    • Some: The item is available in some GA versions. This is the case if the item was introduced after the first GA version, or removed from some GA version.

    • Blank: The item is not available in any GA version. Either it does not exist in the series, or existed in pre-GA versions but was removed before the series reached GA status.

Table 3.1 Loadable Function Reference

Name Introduced Deprecated 5.7 8.0 8.1
asymmetric_decrypt() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_derive() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_encrypt() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_sign() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_verify() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_add_managed() 8.0.23 Some Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_add_source() 8.0.22 Some Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_delete_managed() 8.0.23 Some Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_delete_source() 8.0.22 Some Yes
audit_api_message_emit_udf() Yes Yes
audit_log_encryption_password_get() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_encryption_password_set() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_flush() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_remove_filter() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_remove_user() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_set_filter() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_set_user() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_read() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_read_bookmark() Yes Yes Yes
audit_log_rotate() Yes Yes
create_asymmetric_priv_key() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
create_asymmetric_pub_key() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
create_dh_parameters() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
create_digest() 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
firewall_group_delist() 8.0.23 Some Yes
firewall_group_enlist() 8.0.23 Some Yes
gen_blacklist() 8.0.23 Yes Yes Yes
gen_blocklist() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_blocklist() 8.0.23 Some Yes
gen_dictionary() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_dictionary_drop() Yes Yes Yes
gen_dictionary_load() Yes Yes Yes
gen_dictionary() Yes Yes Yes
gen_range() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_range() Yes Yes Yes
gen_rnd_canada_sin() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_email() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_email() Yes Yes Yes
gen_rnd_iban() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_pan() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_pan() Yes Yes Yes
gen_rnd_ssn() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_ssn() Yes Yes Yes
gen_rnd_uk_nin() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_us_phone() 8.0.33 Some Yes
gen_rnd_us_phone() Yes Yes Yes
gen_rnd_uuid() 8.0.33 Some Yes
group_replication_disable_member_action() Yes Yes
group_replication_enable_member_action() Yes Yes
group_replication_get_communication_protocol() Yes Yes
group_replication_get_write_concurrency() Yes Yes
group_replication_reset_member_actions() Yes Yes
group_replication_set_as_primary() Yes Yes
group_replication_set_communication_protocol() Yes Yes
group_replication_set_write_concurrency() Yes Yes
group_replication_switch_to_multi_primary_mode() Yes Yes
group_replication_switch_to_single_primary_mode() Yes Yes
keyring_aws_rotate_cmk() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_aws_rotate_keys() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_hashicorp_update_config() Yes Yes
keyring_key_fetch() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_key_generate() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_key_length_fetch() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_key_remove() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_key_store() Yes Yes Yes
keyring_key_type_fetch() Yes Yes Yes
load_rewrite_rules() Yes Yes Yes
mask_canada_sin() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_iban() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_inner() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_inner() Yes Yes Yes
mask_outer() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_outer() Yes Yes Yes
mask_pan() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_pan() Yes Yes Yes
mask_pan_relaxed() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_pan_relaxed() Yes Yes Yes
mask_ssn() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_ssn() Yes Yes Yes
mask_uk_nin() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mask_uuid() 8.0.33 Some Yes
masking_dictionary_remove() 8.0.33 Some Yes
masking_dictionary_term_add() 8.0.33 Some Yes
masking_dictionary_term_remove() 8.0.33 Some Yes
mysql_firewall_flush_status() Yes Yes Yes
mysql_query_attribute_string() 8.0.23 Some Yes
normalize_statement() Yes Yes Yes
read_firewall_group_allowlist() 8.0.23 Some Yes
read_firewall_groups() 8.0.23 Some Yes
read_firewall_users() 8.0.26 Yes Yes Yes
read_firewall_whitelist() 8.0.26 Yes Yes Yes
service_get_read_locks() 5.7.8 Yes Yes Yes
service_get_write_locks() 5.7.8 Yes Yes Yes
service_release_locks() 5.7.8 Yes Yes Yes
set_firewall_group_mode() 8.0.23 Some Yes
set_firewall_mode() 8.0.26 Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_delete() Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_edit() Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_lock_exclusive() Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_lock_shared() Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_set() Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_show() Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_unlock() Yes Yes Yes