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Chapter 5 Performance Schema Tables

The following table shows all Performance Schema tables available in MySQL Server 5.7, 8.0, and 8.1. The table contains these columns:

  • Name: The item name.

  • Introduced: The version or versions in which the item was introduced. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • Deprecated: The version or versions in which the item was deprecated. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • Removed: The version or versions in which the item was removed. This column appears only if it applies to some item.

  • 5.7, 8.0, 8.1: Whether the item is available in the corresponding MySQL Server release series. The indicator links to the item description in the main reference manual if more information is available.

    An item has a row in the table if it ever existed in any series shown in the table. The value displayed for a given series indicates item availability in that series:

    • Yes: The item is available in all production-ready General Availability (GA) versions. For a series that has not reached GA status, Yes indicates that the item is available in the most recently released pre-GA version.

    • Some: The item is available in some GA versions. This is the case if the item was introduced after the first GA version, or removed from some GA version.

    • Blank: The item is not available in any GA version. Either it does not exist in the series, or existed in pre-GA versions but was removed before the series reached GA status.

Table 5.1 Performance Schema Table Reference

Table Name Introduced Deprecated Removed 5.7 8.0 8.1
accounts Yes Yes Yes
binary_log_transaction_compression_stats 8.0.20 Some Yes
clone_progress 8.0.17 Some Yes
clone_status 8.0.17 Some Yes
component_scheduler_tasks 8.0.34 Some Yes
cond_instances Yes Yes Yes
data_lock_waits 8.0.1 Yes Yes
data_locks 8.0.1 Yes Yes
error_log 8.0.22 Some Yes
events_errors_summary_by_account_by_error Yes Yes
events_errors_summary_by_host_by_error Yes Yes
events_errors_summary_by_thread_by_error Yes Yes
events_errors_summary_by_user_by_error Yes Yes
events_errors_summary_global_by_error Yes Yes
events_stages_current Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_history Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_history_long Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_summary_by_account_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_summary_by_host_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_summary_by_user_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_stages_summary_global_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_current Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_histogram_by_digest 8.0.1 Yes Yes
events_statements_histogram_global 8.0.1 Yes Yes
events_statements_history Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_history_long Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_by_account_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_by_digest Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_by_host_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_by_program 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_by_user_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_statements_summary_global_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_current 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_history 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_history_long 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_summary_by_account_by_event_name 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_summary_by_host_by_event_name 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_summary_by_thread_by_event_name 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_summary_by_user_by_event_name 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_transactions_summary_global_by_event_name 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_current Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_history Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_history_long Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_summary_by_account_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_summary_by_host_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_summary_by_instance Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_summary_by_thread_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_summary_by_user_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
events_waits_summary_global_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
file_instances Yes Yes Yes
file_summary_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
file_summary_by_instance Yes Yes Yes
firewall_group_allowlist 8.0.23 Some Yes
firewall_groups 8.0.23 Some Yes
firewall_membership 8.0.23 Some Yes
global_status 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
global_variables 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
host_cache Yes Yes Yes
hosts Yes Yes Yes
keyring_component_status 8.0.24 Some Yes
keyring_keys 8.0.16 Some Yes
log_status 8.0.11 Yes Yes
memory_summary_by_account_by_event_name 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
memory_summary_by_host_by_event_name 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
memory_summary_by_thread_by_event_name 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
memory_summary_by_user_by_event_name 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
memory_summary_global_by_event_name 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
metadata_locks 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
mutex_instances Yes Yes Yes
ndb_sync_excluded_objects 8.0.21 Some Yes
ndb_sync_pending_objects 8.0.21 Some Yes
objects_summary_global_by_type Yes Yes Yes
performance_timers Yes Yes Yes
persisted_variables 8.0.1 Yes Yes
prepared_statements_instances 5.7.4 Yes Yes Yes
processlist 8.0.22 Some Yes
replication_applier_configuration 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
replication_applier_filters 8.0.1 Yes Yes
replication_applier_global_filters 8.0.1 Yes Yes
replication_applier_status 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
replication_applier_status_by_coordinator 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
replication_applier_status_by_worker 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
replication_asynchronous_connection_failover 8.0.22 Some Yes
replication_asynchronous_connection_failover_managed 8.0.23 Some Yes
replication_connection_configuration 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
replication_connection_status 5.7.2 Yes Yes Yes
replication_group_communication_information 8.0.27 Some Yes
replication_group_member_stats 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
replication_group_members 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
rwlock_instances Yes Yes Yes
session_account_connect_attrs Yes Yes Yes
session_connect_attrs Yes Yes Yes
session_status 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
session_variables 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
setup_actors Yes Yes Yes
setup_consumers Yes Yes Yes
setup_instruments Yes Yes Yes
setup_objects Yes Yes Yes
setup_threads 8.0.3 Yes Yes
setup_timers 5.7.21 8.0.4 Yes
socket_instances Yes Yes Yes
socket_summary_by_event_name Yes Yes Yes
socket_summary_by_instance Yes Yes Yes
status_by_account 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
status_by_host 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
status_by_thread 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
status_by_user 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
table_handles 5.7.3 Yes Yes Yes
table_io_waits_summary_by_index_usage Yes Yes Yes
table_io_waits_summary_by_table Yes Yes Yes
table_lock_waits_summary_by_table Yes Yes Yes
threads Yes Yes Yes
tls_channel_status 8.0.21 Some Yes
tp_thread_group_state 8.0.14 Some Yes
tp_thread_group_stats 8.0.14 Some Yes
tp_thread_state 8.0.14 Some Yes
user_defined_functions 8.0.2 Yes Yes
user_variables_by_thread 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
users Yes Yes Yes
variables_by_thread 5.7.6 Yes Yes Yes
variables_info Yes Yes