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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  The ps_setup_disable_thread() Procedure The ps_setup_disable_thread() Procedure

Given a connection ID, disables Performance Schema instrumentation for the thread. Produces a result set indicating how many threads were disabled. Already disabled threads do not count.

  • in_connection_id BIGINT: The connection ID. This is a connection ID as given in the PROCESSLIST_ID column of the Performance Schema threads table or the Id column of SHOW PROCESSLIST output.


Disable a specific connection by its connection ID:

mysql> CALL ps_setup_disable_thread(225);
| summary           |
| Disabled 1 thread |

Disable the current connection:

mysql> CALL ps_setup_disable_thread(CONNECTION_ID());
| summary           |
| Disabled 1 thread |

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