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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.9 (Not released)

Internal release. This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.8.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • If, while editing data in the Inserts Editor, the ESC key was accidentally pressed, the Inserts Editor would close without warning and all data entered to that point would be lost.

    The improved Inserts Editor does not display this characteristic. Pressing the ESC key will have no effect. (Bug #48452)

Bugs Fixed

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when the Import/Export Server Data Action Item on the Home screen was clicked. (Bug #49064)

  • Clicking the Action Item, Manage Security, on the Home screen generated this exception:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 5.2 OSS/modules\", line
    199, in openSecurityManager
      File "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 5.2 OSS/modules\", line 95,
    in wait_server_check
        while tab.configuration.last_is_running_check is None and time.time() - t < timeout:
    NameError: global name 'tab' is not defined

    Further, if this Action Item was clicked again then MySQL Workbench crashed. (Bug #49061)

  • The Forward Engineer SQL Script failed to generate SQL code when the check box Generate INSERT Statements for Tables was selected, and the tables contained rows. (Bug #49046)

  • In the Overview tab of the SQL Editor, representing a live view of the database currently connected to, if an attempt was made to edit a view, the resulting script generated unnecessary, and in fact dangerous, DROP TABLE statements. This had the potential side-effect that a table that coincidentally had the same name as the view, would be dropped with ensuing data loss. (Bug #49041)

  • In the Configuration tab of the Server Administrator screen, if log file configuration changes were applied, MySQL Workbench hung if the password request dialog was cancelled. (Bug #49037)

  • The Workbench Configuration editor interface contained a backtick character rather than a single apostrophe. (Bug #49014)

  • In the Advanced tab of the Admin screen, the check box SQL Mode had an erroneous file chooser button associated with it. The button should not have been there. (Bug #49012)

  • MySQL Workbench did not parse the following entry in the my.ini file correctly:


    This resulted in the default storage engine not being detected correctly by MySQL Workbench, although this entry was correctly recognized by the MySQL server. However, MySQL Workbench did parse the following entry correctly, due to the correct capitalization being used:


    (Bug #49007)

  • After creating a new Server Instance from the Home screen, then clicking the Logs tab in the Admin screen, this exception was generated:

    Unhandled Exception:  Error executing 'SELECT @@log_output':
    Unknown system variable 'log_output';

    (Bug #49004)

  • Clicking the Action Item Manage Security on the Home screen resulted in MySQL Workbench crashing. (Bug #48990)

  • Any TEXT columns in the Table Editor, or TEXT columns in the SQL Editor results tabsheet, were displayed as BOOLEAN values, either 1 or 0. (Bug #48982)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed on opening a model file. This appeared to be due to MySQL Workbench causing corruption in the model file. (Bug #48891)

  • In the EER Diagram view, the Toggle Grid and Align Objects to Grid toolbar buttons were not rendered correctly when in the selected state. (Bug #48822)

  • The Inserts Editor did not display columns of type ENUM. (Bug #48288)

  • On the Filter Objects page of the Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard, clicking Show Filter, selecting multiple objects from the left panel, and then clicking >, would result in only the first of the selected objects being moved to the right hand panel. (Bug #48116)

  • Working through the Synchronize Model with Database wizard did not result in the live database being updated. (Bug #47953)

  • Using UTF-8 accented characters in the Stored Routine DDL editor caused the DDL parser to raise a syntax error and refuse to save the routine. (Bug #47730)

  • The Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard did not generate the export script. On the Review SQL Script page of the wizard, the review panel was blank. Further, clicking Copy to Clipboard generated this exception:

    Unknown Exception caught in c:\documents and settings\mysqldev\my documents\visual
    studio 2008\projects\workbench52\backend\windows\wbprivate.wr\src\Wb.h at line 1085.

    (Bug #47482)

  • When using the Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard, the script generated for a model containing multiple schemata, only included the CREATE SCHEMA statement for the first schema. (Bug #47202)

  • Running the Forward Engineer an ALTER Script wizard resulted in an ALTER script that dictated changes were required to tables, even in the case where no such changes were necessary. (Bug #47063)

  • Attempting to use Database, Generate Catalog Diff Report resulted in a Segmentation Fault. (Bug #46810)

  • The Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard did not generate correct delimiter syntax for routines. For example, it generated this code:

    CREATE PROCEDURE `sakila`.`film_not_in_stock`(IN p_film_id INT, IN p_store_id INT, OUT
    p_film_count INT)
         SELECT inventory_id
         FROM inventory
         WHERE film_id = p_film_id
         AND store_id = p_store_id
         AND NOT inventory_in_stock(inventory_id);
         SELECT FOUND_ROWS() INTO p_film_count;
    END //

    This resulted in errors when an attempt was made to run the generated script on MySQL Server. (Bug #46505)