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MySQL Workbench Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.19 (2010-04-16)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.19 (2010-04-16)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.18.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • In the Configuration tab of the Administrator, the list showing the section in the configuration file has been changed to a read-only control. (Bug #52443)

Bugs Fixed

  • In the SQL Editor, when altering a routine, if the Apply SQL Script button was clicked, MySQL Workbench froze. (Bug #52853)

  • When trying to open a saved model file, MySQL Workbench generated this error:

    error executing plugin wb.file.openModel: Internal error:
    wait box creation must be done on the main thread

    (Bug #52851)

  • Double-clicking a model file (*.mwb) to open it caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #52838)

  • When opening a connection to start querying from the Home screen, the HUD displayed correctly. However, an error occurred with the connection, and the error dialog was displayed beneath the HUD. This meant it was not possible to click the dialog, although pressing ESC cleared it. The error dialog should have been displayed in front of the HUD, making it clickable. (Bug #52812)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when carrying out most tasks in the SQL Editor including adding tables, adding columns, and altering tables. (Bug #52789)

  • The MySQL Workbench preference to locate the sidebar on the right did not work. Further, the Toggle Sidebar button did not function. (Bug #52631, Bug #53072)

  • Attempting to build MySQL Workbench using the LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" linker options failed. (Bug #52570)

  • MySQL Workbench listed gtkmm 2.4 as a dependency in However, it used features only available in later versions of this library. (Bug #52406)

  • In the Object Browser of the SQL Editor, if a schema was dropped, the schema concerned was not removed from the Object Browser, but another schema was. However, if the connection was synchronized, the Object Browser displayed the correct information. (Bug #51919)

  • In the Data Dump facility of the Administrator, if Export to Self-Contained file was selected and a destination file explicitly chosen, the selected schema was deselected on return from the file chooser. (Bug #51797)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when creating a foreign key relationship in the EER Diagram view. (Bug #51602)

  • In the SQL Editor, the syntax highlighter coloured two dashes as a comment. This was incorrect because two dashes should be highlighted as a comment only when followed by a space. (Bug #51596)

  • The internal script MySQL Workbench used to add a new user to MySQL Server was incorrect. After MySQL Workbench was started, it was possible to create a new user, but attempts to create additional users resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #50947)

  • In the Table Editor of the MySQL Model page, and the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, the text label comments: was truncated to commen. (Bug #50765)

  • In the EER Diagram view, using the context-sensitive menu items Copy table, or Edit in New Window resulted in this error:

    Cannot execute plugin
    A model diagram must be selected.

    (Bug #50649)

  • MySQL Workbench appeared to perform a Save As operation rather than a Save operation when saving a modified script file in the SQL Editor. Also, there was no indication that the file being worked on had unsaved changes (this is normally indicated by '*' in the title bar). Finally, the file name was not displayed on the SQL Editor tab. (Bug #50055, Bug #51373)

  • The File, Open Recent menu item was not being populated with recently opened script files. (Bug #50053)

  • When two routine groups were being edited, and in both cases the Routines tab was selected to display the SQL code, switching between the routine groups did not result in the target Routines tab contents being updated. For example, if routines1 was being displayed and the routines2 selected, the routines1 code continued to be displayed in the Routines tab. (Bug #49432)

  • In the SQL Editor, the Alter Schema dialog had a comments field. However, the comments entered were not used in the generated DDL code. The comments field no longer appears. (Bug #49280)

  • In the EER Diagram view, when typing a new value into the Navigator Zoom input control, the zoom level of the diagram changed as the new value was being entered. The diagram should only have been redrawn when the new value being entered in was fully entered by pressing the Enter key, instead of changing dynamically as the zoom level value was being entered. (Bug #48597)

  • In the EER Diagram view, if the cardinality of a relationship was changed and then an attempt made to edit a second relationship, the cardinality of the first relationship was applied to the second relationship. (Bug #46906)

  • The Assigned Privileges list on the Privileges tab in the View Editor lacked default grant options such as SELECT, UPDATE, and DROP. (Bug #42157)