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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.15 (2010-01-28)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.14.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The GRT Shell exhibited various issues and could generate exceptions in some circumstances.

    The GRT Shell has been updated and is now implemented as a standalone dialog known as the Workbench Scripting Shell. (Bug #49298)

Bugs Fixed

  • Double-clicking any main tab, just below the main menu toolbar, caused MySQL Workbench to generate an exception. (Bug #50562)

  • If text was entered into the search bar in the SQL Editor, and the sidebar button clicked twice, MySQL Workbench crashed. This only happened on OS X. (Bug #50560)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, attempting to change the column data type using the list caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #50546, Bug #50598, Bug #50527)

  • The Portrait and Landscape icons were missing from the Page Setup dialog. (Bug #50529)

  • It was not possible to print EER Diagrams or schemata. The File, Print option was grayed out, and Control+P did not have any effect. (Bug #50528)

  • On an EER Diagram, when a relationship was placed using the toolbar button Place a Relationship using Existing Columns, if the relationship was subsequently checked in the Foreign Keys tab of the Table Editor, it was found to contain incorrect values for foreign key names, for example, fk_%dcolumn%1. It was apparent that the placeholder had not had its value correctly substituted. (Bug #50492)

  • MySQL Workbench reported the remote server as being down, in the Database Server Status section of the Administrator, even though the server was in fact running, and queries could be successfully run against the database using MySQL Workbench. (Bug #50453)

  • When the menu item File, Page Setup was selected from the main menu, MySQL Workbench crashed. (Bug #50315)

  • When performing a data dump in the Administrator, the operation failed with an exit code 7.

    MySQL Workbench has been changed so that it will generate an error if the mysqldump executable cannot be found. (Bug #50184)

  • Client-side sorting always sorted on an alpha basis, regardless of data type. This meant numeric values were not sorted into the order expected. (Bug #50158)

  • With an EER Diagram open, the File, Page Setup menu item was unavailable. (Bug #49863)

  • When working through the Manage DB Connections wizard, the prompt to Enter SSH password appeared as a sheet behind the modal dialog box for the wizard. In some situations, it was not possible to see the Enter SSH password sheet, and it was not possible to click any buttons on, or close, the modal wizard.

    This meant the user had to move the modal dialog box to see the Enter SSH password sheet, but is was not obvious that this was possible because the window decorations indicated that the modal dialog could not be focused.

    MySQL Workbench now uses a dialog rather than a wizard used for Manage DB Connections when creating a new connection. (Bug #49810)

  • The Synchronize Model with Database wizard generated a script that erroneously dropped schemata that had been selected to be ignored. (Bug #49587)

  • On the General tab of the configuration file editor, if a value was set for Temp directory, and the changes applied, the value set was not displayed in the preview, implying it would not be set in the server configuration file. (Bug #49423)

  • When a MySQL Workbench unhandled exception occurred and the exception dialog was displayed, if the user clicked Quit, and there were unsaved changes, a new dialog was displayed, warning of unsaved changes. If Cancel was clicked on this dialog, MySQL Workbench would exit, which was not the expected behavior because changes would then be lost. If Yes was clicked on this dialog, to save changes, MySQL Workbench crashed. Overall, the behavior of the dialogs was confusing.

    A new error dialog has been introduced that changes the handling. It presents the user options to go to the bug report page, copy debug information to the clipboard and to close the dialog. (Bug #49304)

  • In the Administrator, when an attempt was made to import multiple tables from the same project folder, MySQL Workbench only imported the first table and then stopped, reporting the import process as finished. (Bug #49217)

  • In the SQL Editor, if an attempt was made to change the number of partitions in a table, using Alter Table, the SQL code produced did not contain the necessary ALTER TABLE statement to effect this change. (Bug #49054)

  • If the MySQL Server was stopped outside of MySQL Workbench then the server status displayed in the Administrator did not update correctly until the Startup tab was clicked. The log file did however correctly note the change in status. (Bug #48966)

  • When exporting a model to a single file using File, Export, Export as Single Page PDF or Export as Single Page Postscript File, the table positions contained in the file were incorrect. (Bug #47384)

  • If a model contained a table which used a user defined type for a column, then when the model was forward engineered an erroneous COLUMN CHANGE statement was generated for the column. This only happened for user defined types without additional arguments. For example, a user defined type using INTEGER(11) would not create a COLUMN CHANGE statement, but using INTEGER would. (Bug #45834)