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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.32 (2011-03-05)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.31a.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Changing the default schema now modifies the selected schema name to be bold. (Bug #57710, Bug #11764836)

  • In the SQL Editor, in the event of a crash, the content and state of script tabs was lost if not previously saved. MySQL Workbench now autosaves the content and state of the SQL Editor. (Bug #57667, Bug #11764794)

  • MySQL Workbench has been improved so that an errors are more clearly identified if they occur when synchronizing with a live server, or forward engineering to a live server. (Bug #55158, Bug #11762551)

Bugs Fixed

  • These query beautifier problems were corrected:

    • Aggregate function text was deleted.

    • In the SQL Editor, the beautifier did not process functions such as COUNT() or NOW() or correctly. It rendered the function with additional spaces, causing a syntax error.

    (Bug #60070, Bug #11766850, Bug #59450, Bug #11766354, Bug #58714, Bug #11765722)

  • On Microsoft Windows 7, if a user profile launched MySQL Workbench, it crashed if additional user profiles attempted to launch it. The first instance needed to be closed before another user profile was able to run MySQL Workbench. (Bug #59913, Bug #11766733)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when closing the query results tab in the SQL Editor. (Bug #59774, Bug #11766626)

  • When deleting a recursive foreign key constraint, the primary key was also mistakenly deleted. (Bug #59668, Bug #11766538)

  • On the Home screen, right-clicking a connection and selecting Start Command Line Client produced this error:

    Error calling
    PyWbUtils.startCommandLineClientForConnection: see
    output for details
    Message: Error executing plugin
    error calling
    File "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE\modules
    \", line 96, in
    schema = conn.parameterValues["schema"].replace("\\",
      "\\\\").replace('"', '\\"')
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'

    (Bug #59638, Bug #11766510)

  • Attempting to create a new server instance resulted in this error message:

    We are sorry for the inconvenience but an unexpected exception has
    been raised by one of the MySQL Workbench modules. In order to fix
    this issue we would kindly ask you to file a bug report. You can
    do that by pressing the [Report Bug] button below.

    (Bug #59578, Bug #11766465)

  • In the EER Diagram view, clicking a table to edit its details sometimes resulted in this error:

    Cannot access a disposed object.
    Object name: 'DockedWindowPlugin'

    (Bug #59559, Bug #11766448)

  • In the EER Diagram view, MySQL Workbench crashed on selecting a new table. This happened if the Privileges tab was open for the currently selected table. (Bug #59535, Bug #11766431)

  • In the SQL Editor, if a '`' (grave accent) character was entered, any subsequently entered control keys such as the arrow keys or the backspace key failed to function correctly. (Bug #59528, Bug #11766425)

  • Running the version of mysqldump supplied with the MySQL Server package resulted in this error:

    Operation failed with exitcode -1073741819

    (Bug #59411)

  • The collapsed state of Workbench Central, on the Home screen, was not saved between MySQL Workbench sessions. If after collapsing Workbench Central to save vertical space, the application was exited and restarted, Workbench Central was drawn in the expanded state. (Bug #59399)

  • Attempting to create a new user with MySQL Workbench failed with this error:

    Unhandled exception: Error adding account accountName@%:

    (Bug #59000)

  • Generated scripts did not manage connection variables cleanly. For example, the autocommit state was not preserved by the script produced by forward engineering an SQL CREATE script. The script switched off autocommit, but did not then restore it correctly to its previous state. (Bug #58998, Bug #11765974)

  • On Windows, the Python debugger stopped the script being executed in MySQL Workbench after about one second. It then displayed the message "abort" in the output pane. (Bug #58960, Bug #11765943)

  • When a model was forward engineered, the primary keys were not created in the generated script. (Bug #58926, Bug #11765913)

  • SQL Editor did not load certain text files correctly, and inserted erroneous empty lines between text. (Bug #58850)

  • In the Administrator, when making a backup with the --single-transaction option enabled, the --lock-tables option was erroneously still enabled. (Bug #58562, Bug #11765579)

  • Trying to create a relationship between two tables, created in a plugin, produced this error:

    MySQL Workbench has encountered a problem
    Es wurde versucht, im geschützten Speicher zu lesen oder zu schreiben. Dies ist häufig
    ein Hinweis darauf, dass anderer Speicher beschädigt ist.

    (Bug #58554, Bug #11765571)

  • When synchronizing a model with a server, indexes were unnecessarily dropped and recreated. (Bug #58238, Bug #11765284)

  • Forward engineering a model containing two schema resulted in a generated script that contained incorrect SQL:

    DELIMITER ;USE `Schema2` ;

    The DELIMITER and USE statements should not have appeared on the same line. (Bug #58117, Bug #11765180)

  • When running MySQL Workbench with the arguments -script [FILE.lua] -quit-when-done, it crashed with this message:

      [MySQL Workbench Unexpected Error]
      MySQL Workbench has encountered a problem
      Cannot access released / disposed object.
      Object name: "MainForm".

    (Bug #57570, Bug #11764708)

  • In the SQL Editor, switching between query tabs did not switch the associated results panel. (Bug #57486, Bug #11764628)

  • In the SQL Editor, when editing table data, this error dialog was displayed:

    Either schema or table is not selected.

    Each time the dialog was acknowledged, it was subsequently redisplayed, preventing further progress. (Bug #57127, Bug #11764305)

  • In the Columns tab of the table editor, copying and pasting the Datatype field using Control+C and Control+V resulted in the text table_copy1 being pasted, rather than the copied datatype. (Bug #56501, Bug #11763749)

  • When exporting a model, if the Skip Creation of FOREIGN KEYS option was selected, indexes were not created. (Bug #56389, Bug #11763649)

  • At startup, MySQL Workbench displayed a blank screen if it had previously been closed after using the menu item Help, System Info, and then clicking the main application window close button. (Bug #55764, Bug #11763097)

  • When forward engineering a model, the generated script resulted in SQL errors when executed on the server. This happened when the following options were selected:

    • DROP Objects Before Each CREATE Object

    • Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names

    • Generate Separate CREATE INDEX Statements

    • Generate INSERT Statements for Tables

    (Bug #54836, Bug #11762262)

  • The generated alter script contained erroneous statements adding and deleting indexes and foreign keys. (Bug #54180, Bug #11761666)

  • The text in the SQL Editor was not anti-aliased, which hindered readability by causing the text to visually conflict with anti-aliased text elsewhere in MySQL Workbench. (Bug #54059, Bug #11761553)

  • On Microsoft Windows, if the Windows Firewall application was not running, installation of MySQL Workbench would halt with an error dialog indicating that it was unable to connect to the firewall. (Bug #53603, Bug #11761143)

  • Primary and foreign keys are now displayed with different icons. (Bug #53503, Bug #11761049)

  • Dropping a table from the Object Browser did not remove the table's icon. (Bug #52878, Bug #11760462)

  • There were numerous locations within MySQL Workbench where the availability of context-sensitive menus (right-clicking) was expected and useful, but not available. (Bug #49622, Bug #11757556)

  • Forward engineering a table containing a multiple-line comment resulted in this error:

    ERROR 1105 (HY000) at line 97: Too long comment for table 'motd'

    (Bug #38597)