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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.27 (2010-09-01)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.26.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Several changes were made to the Synchronize Model With Database wizard:

    • The wizard shows all schemata in a model, regardless of whether they exist in the live database.

    • The wizard shows a list of schemata that exist in the model but are missing from the live server, with a note recommending the use of the Forward Engineering wizard.

    • The wizard does not auto-select schemata names that are in the model but not in the live database.

    (Bug #54748)

Bugs Fixed

  • Attempts to restore a backup of selected tables resulted in this error:

    File "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE\modules\", line
    841, in start
        logmsg = "Restoring %s (%s)" % (schema, table)
    NameError: global name 'schema' is not defined

    (Bug #56020)

  • Forward engineering a model to a live database caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #56009)

  • The Dump tab did not display the target folder before the dump was performed. (Bug #55945)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed in the foreign key editor. The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library runtime error generated prior to the crash was:

    - pure virtual function call

    (Bug #55910)

  • If the sidebar was placed on the right hand side, using the option in Workbench Preferences, this Unexpected Error was generated when Add Diagram was double-clicked:

    SplitterDistance value is invalid (-52)

    (Bug #55902)

  • In the SQL Editor, executing statements designed for MySQL Server 5.5 generated syntax or syntax highlighting errors. (Bug #55867, Bug #55891)

  • After dropping a schema from the list in the Object Browser, the schema that was dropped remained, but with the name of the schema that followed it. Refreshing the list of available schemata produced an unhandled exception:

    An unhandled exception has occurred:
    Invalid node index

    (Bug #55861)

  • Selecting "Dump views" for a backup produced this error:

    Unhandled exception: global name 'views_by_schema' is not defined

    It was necessary to restart the Administrator to enable the dump facility again. (Bug #55833)

  • In the SQL Editor, right-clicking a routine name in the Object Browser caused MySQL Workbench to exit unexpectedly. (Bug #55822)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when using the Partitioning tab of the Table Editor. (Bug #55761)

  • If a table was copied in the EER Diagram view, and then the model was synchronized with the live database, the synchronize functionality did not recognize the copied table as a new table and overwrote the original table. (Bug #55566)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when using the Export recordset to an external file command button on the result pane of the SQL Editor. (Bug #55554)

  • Renaming a column with a foreign key resulted in an invalid script being generated on forward engineering or synchronization with a live database. (Bug #55502)

  • The second attempt to save a read-only model file produced this error:

    Couldn't backup existing file name-of-the-file.mwb: No such file or directory

    (Bug #55439)

  • When a table was being edited in the Table Editor, and its name was changed, the name change was not reflected on the Table Editor's table tab. (Bug #55338)

  • It was not possible to add the LOCK TABLES privilege when assigning a new role in the Model Overview because that privilege was missing from the available options. (Bug #55186)

  • The schema collation was not saved after being changed in the Table Editor. (Bug #55152)

  • When an attempt was made to synchronize a model with a live database, no schemata were listed as available in the Synchronize Model with Database wizard. This happened when the name of the schema in the model and the schema on the live server differed only in lettercase. (Bug #55147)

  • When using MySQL Workbench to report a bug, it was not possible to attach a file using the Choose File button because the button had no effect. (Bug #55112)

  • Dumping tables or schemata without the LOCK TABLE privilege produced this error:

    mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user 'wwroot'@'%' to database db' when
    doing LOCK TABLES

    (Bug #55019)

  • Selecting Validate (SQL) from the Model menu and then selecting the Validate All option reported no errors. Selecting Forward Engineer from the Database menu and selecting Run Validations also reported no errors. However, executing the SQL script resulted in this error:

    ERROR: Error 1005: Can't create table 'xxx' (errno:150)

    (Bug #54985)

  • Selecting the Check Duplicated Identifiers (Additions) operation from the Validation (SQL) submenu of the Model menu produced this error message:

    Type mismatch: expected object of type db.Schema, but got workbench.physical.Model

    (Bug #54968)

  • When using the Edit Table Data wizard (launched from Home screen), if a database with a single table was connected to, after selecting the table, the Finish button remained grayed out. (Bug #54942)

  • At startup, these warnings were generated in the Workbench Scripting Shell:

    Starting Workbench...Registered 147 GRT classes.
    WARNING: Could not load wb.mysql.validation.grt.dylib: Invalid module
    WARNING: Could not load wb.validation.grt.dylib: Invalid module

    (Bug #54929)

  • When an attempt was made to synchronize a modified exported script with the current model, using File, Export, Synchronize with SQL Create Script, the model was not updated. (Bug #54501)

  • When the Alter Table dialog for an InnoDB table was displayed in an SQL Editor session, the Foreign Key Options Index showed INVALID when a foreign key in the Foreign Keys tab was clicked. (Bug #54471)

  • MySQL Workbench caused Windows XP to reboot if launched from Start, Programs, MySQL, MySQL WorkBench 5.2 OSS.

    If a MySQL Workbench model file (.mwb) was opened directly, an error dialog titled Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library was displayed with the message:

    An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please
    contact the application's support team for more information.

    The dialog's only option was OK. After clicking OK, two more instances of the same dialog were displayed. After clicking OK for all three, MySQL Workbench opened with the model file displayed.

    On Windows 7 x64, the same runtime error (R6034) occurred. (Bug #52949)

  • Opening an SQL Editor connection for a remote server produced this error:

    OverviewBE::get_node:invalid node 0.0.0.

    (Bug #52648)