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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.28 (2010-09-19)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.27.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Added the ability to copy column names from result sets to the clipboard. (Bug #53000, Bug #11760578)

  • The SQL Editor now displays the number of rows matched after a query. (Bug #48772)

  • The following command line options have been added to MySQL Workbench:

    • --admin instance: Launch MySQL Workbench and load the specified server instance

    • --query connection: Launch MySQL Workbench and load the specified connection

    • --model modelfile: Launch MySQL Workbench and load the specified model

    • --script script: Launch MySQL Workbench and run the specified script

    • --run code: Launch MySQL Workbench and run the specified code snippet

    • --quit-when-done: Quit MySQL Workbench after --script or --run finishes

    (Bug #46340)

Bugs Fixed

  • Importing an exported file from a network share resulted in this error due to incorrect escaping of the path:

    08:44:00 Restoring \\server\d$\file.sql
    Running: mysql.exe --defaults-extra-file="c:\...\tmp3oc8ig"   --host=localhost
    --user=root --port=3306 --default-character-set=utf8 --comments <
    The specified path is invalid.

    (Bug #56735)

  • In the SQL Editor, a crash occurred if User Snippets was selected after another snippet collection had been selected, and then the Replace active SQL Editor contents with selected snippet button was clicked. (Bug #56626)

  • Running a TRUNCATE statement in the SQL editor with safe updates enabled resulted in this error:

    Error Code: 1175
    You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE that uses
    a KEY column

    (Bug #56597)

  • In the Accounts tab of the Administrator, an Unexpected Error occurred if a foreign character was used in the Login Name field of the Server Access Management tab. The same bug also affected the Schema Privileges tab. (Bug #56534)

  • The Table tab of the Table Editor contained a typo in the description for the Name field. Replaced was spelled as raplaced. (Bug #56518)

  • Attempts to define a foreign key for a table with a composite primary key caused MySQL Workbench to crash. This happened while trying to select the fields of the composite primary key to be associated with the referenced columns. (Bug #56496)

  • If a foreign key was about to be renamed, and the corresponding text field had focus, MySQL Workbench crashed if the model was then closed. (Bug #56315)

  • In the SQL Editor, a statement containing CREATE DATABASE resulted in an unexpected error. (Bug #56295)

  • The mydb database was created by default when reverse engineering from an existing database or script. (Bug #56183)

  • If an SQL script containing international characters was saved in the SQL Editor and then restored, the last character in the restored file was missing. (Bug #56083)

  • In MySQL Workbench list controls, when an item was selected and another item right-clicked, the context-sensitive menu displayed options related to the first list item selected, rather than the current list item being right-clicked, and any action selected was carried out on the first item. (Bug #56077)

  • The Workbench Scripting Shell dialog could be increased in size, but not subsequently reduced in size. (Bug #56049)

  • There were two problems in the new_table dialog of the SQL Editor:

    • When Apply was clicked, in the Apply SQL Script to Database dialog, if Apply SQL was clicked, the SQL would be applied without error. However, if the Back button was clicked and the Apply SQL button clicked again, an error would be generated. If this process was repeated, each time a slightly different error would be added to the list of errors displayed.

    • The Cancel and Finish buttons appeared to have the same functionality, and simply returned the user to the new_table dialog.

    (Bug #56000)

  • If a model contained two schemata, and an attempt was made to forward engineer only one of the schemata by use of the object filters, data loss could result. This happened because a DROP statement was generated for both schemata in the model, rather than just the one being forward engineered. (Bug #55918)

  • When OpenGL rendering was selected, the EER Diagram area was not redrawn due to faulty OpenGL drivers. The workaround was to launch MySQL Workbench using the -swrendering command line option. Now MySQL Workbench includes an option to select software rendering in the Workbench Preferences dialog. (Bug #55863)

  • In the View Editor, if the name of a view was changed in the code editor to the name of a pre-existing view of that name, the contents of the pre-existing view were replaced by the contents of the new view, even though the new view was created with a different name. (Bug #55661)

  • MySQL Workbench application failed to start on OS X. (Bug #55412)

  • MySQL Workbench exhibited a variety of crashes if, in the Model View, EER diagrams were repeatedly created and deleted. MySQL Workbench also crashed if all objects in the diagram were copied and pasted to the same diagram several times, and then the diagram was deleted. Unexpected errors generated included:

    • Object is currently in use elsewhere

    • Index is outside the bounds of the array

    • Index must be within the bounds of the List

    (Bug #55304)

  • A plugin that used Mforms generated this error at MySQL Workbench startup:

    ..... line 16, in <module>
    import mforms
    ImportError: No module named mforms

    (Bug #55243)

  • If the MySQL server configuration file was modified using the Administrator to deactivate InnoDB, the MySQL server failed to restart, and generated this error in the log:

    [ERROR] C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin\mysqld: Error while
    setting value 'FALSE' to 'innodb'

    (Bug #55029)

  • It was no longer possible to rename a schema by double-clicking the schema tab in the Physical Schemata section of the Model View. (Bug #55010)

  • If a view was created with correct syntax for an existing schema, and then Model menu, Validate (SQL) was selected, and either Validate All or Check Syntax was selected, this error message was generated in the Output window:

    Syntax error in view 'view_name'. View code is 'CREATE VIEW ...'

    (Bug #54969)

  • On Microsoft Windows, MySQL Workbench crashed if the Trebuchet MS font was missing or corrupted. Now MySQL Workbench falls back to a secondary font if the Trebuchet MS font is missing or corrupted. (Bug #54953)

  • If all objects were selected in the model view, and then the Edit Selected menu item was selected, MySQL Workbench generated an unexpected error. (Bug #54695)

  • Added MySQL Server 5.5 support. (Bug #51365, Bug #11759082)

  • On Microsoft Windows, when saving a MySQL configuration file from within the Administrator, Windows displayed the UAC dialog twice. MySQL Workbench has been changed so that Windows now only displays the UAC dialog once. (Bug #49674)