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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.38 (2012-02-23)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.37.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The width of the "Reference column" drop-down selector is now set to the widest entry. (Bug #53278, Bug #11760835)

Bugs Fixed

  • On Linux, the result set window would not display properly. (Bug #13615255)

  • Comments that spanned multiple lines and included stored procedures with comments that were surrounded by conditional comments would not be handled properly, as MySQL Workbench would end the outer comment unconditionally when the first inner comment was finished. (Bug #13490118)

  • Generating a DBDoc report with both HTML Detailed Frames and Include DDL code for objects enabled would cause MySQL Workbench to stall. (Bug #13471637)

  • The Plugins, Utilities, Execute Query Into Text Output feature would duplicate the first column, and fill it with NULL values. (Bug #13470770)

  • On Microsoft Windows with the "classic mode" theme set, MySQL Workbench buttons were difficult to read. (Bug #13470583)

  • The Scripting shell window lost focus after opening and closing a tab. (Bug #13470451)

  • While editing Limit Connectivity to Host Matching within the Server Administration, Users and Privileges, Login window, the Apply button would not be available until one of the other three Users and Privileges fields was changed. (Bug #13470424)

  • Scripting Shell failed to continue running after a breakpoint. Clicking Execute Script after a breakpoint now continues execution of the script. (Bug #13470397)

  • On Linux, MySQL Workbench .mwb files would be detected as Zip files. (Bug #13466584)

  • The SQL Editor Execute the Explain Command... feature did not function properly, and would return zero results. (Bug #13466571)

  • On Microsoft Windows, using the Manage Server Instances menu to delete server instances could cause MySQL Workbench to generate an internal error while closing the Manage Server Instances window. (Bug #13466083)

  • For Microsoft Windows, the Download Prerequisites link within the MySQL Workbench installer now directly links to the prerequisites manual page. (Bug #13448582)

  • Using the Open Connection to Start Querying dialog with a new (not stored) connection would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #13028855)

  • On Linux, while saving a new model with a note, the Save to File dialogue would not prompt to name the file. (Bug #12933345)

  • It was possible for MySQL Workbench to generate a pop-up window underneath a different pop-up window, thus requiring a restart of MySQL Workbench when the bottom pop-up was required to be closed first. (Bug #12927510)

  • Dumping a schema via the Data export and restore option now prompts for a correct password, as needed. Before it would simply fail to export. (Bug #12903967)

  • Under the File menu, using the Print to PDF... and Print to PS File... options for a model would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #12884845)

  • The editor tabs would not update after a user was added. (Bug #12884776)

  • Closing a tab could result in an unhandled exception. (Bug #64152, Bug #13655860)

  • Choosing the Close All But This option within the routines manager would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #64133, Bug #13630602)

  • Running a SELECT statement and attempting to alias the only column selected would result in a crash. (Bug #64123, Bug #13629962)

  • Moving the placeholder row (an empty row) around within the table editor would crash MySQL Workbench. The placeholder row can no longer be moved. (Bug #64122, Bug #13629953)

  • The Beautify Query feature incorrectly formatted statements containing the UNION clause, which left the query with syntax errors. (Bug #64120, Bug #13629967)

  • When viewing the foreign key definition window of the Alter Table editor, the restrict foreign key option did not display for either the update or delete actions, and instead the value would appear empty. (Bug #63978, Bug #13596254)

  • On Linux, the Object Info panel within the SQL editor would not show information about the object, and would instead remain empty. (Bug #63960, Bug #13608228)

  • Within Server Administration, Users and Privileges, selecting Add Account after sorting the users would insert the new user into the list alphabetically, yet open the bottom user entry into the editor. (Bug #63951, Bug #13702340)

  • A query similar to the following would crash MySQL Workbench: select c.* from actor c where actor_id=38 (Bug #63940, Bug #13582514)

  • Tables without an engine set were treated as though they were unable to support foreign keys. Therefore, the foreign key declaration would be missing after forward engineering these tables.

    A workaround is to explicitly set the table engine to InnoDB. (Bug #63934, Bug #13562926)

  • On OS X, opening files saved from previous versions of MySQL Workbench would result in an empty window, without data being loaded. (Bug #63932, Bug #13571842)

  • On Microsoft Windows, and when called from the home screen, opening and immediately closing the Manage Server Instances window would result in an unhandled exception. (Bug #63927, Bug #13571816)

  • Exporting a model to a CSV file could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #63883, Bug #13685708)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the Open in viewer menu could be blank while viewing results. (Bug #63873, Bug #13548115)

  • MySQL Workbench would freeze when a SELECT statement was executed on a table without private keys, and that included at least one UNIQUE NOT NULL column. (Bug #63867, Bug #13542546)

  • Executing a query after reordering multiple editor tabs would make the inactive editor tab active, and execute that query. (Bug #63866, Bug #13542154)

  • The File, Open SQL Script, Files of Type dialogue would incorrectly give the option to open files with the .dbquery suffix, instead of .qbquery. (Bug #63861, Bug #13541769)

  • Choosing the Open value in Editor option would scroll the result set to the top. Selecting this option no longer refreshes the results, so the selected row remains intact. (Bug #63860, Bug #13539049)

  • Opening a Server Administration tab for a server instance that has remote management via SSH enabled would result in an error, and fail to load. (Bug #63857, Bug #13655999)

  • After clicking Apply to alter a table where changes are not being made, the output window says "Preparing..." and does not automatically change to "No changes detected" until the window is clicked. (Bug #63842, Bug #13548232)

  • MySQL Workbench would crash while opening an existing EER model, after a file failed to open. (Bug #63841, Bug #13539006)

  • The main schema information found within the object browser now updates after a table is altered, and collapses the expanded details. And selecting an object now reloads the data, which means the current (altered) data is displayed. (Bug #63828, Bug #13538990)

  • MySQL Workbench failed to compile under certain PCRE setups, like when pcre.h existed within /usr/include/pcre/. (Bug #63819, Bug #13538971)

  • MySQL Workbench did not test for and use the gl.pc pkgconfig files if present, to determine the location of GL/{gl,glx}.h and (Bug #63818, Bug #13538964)

  • On Linux and OS X, the Replace All search feature would hang, and not function properly. (Bug #63764, Bug #13520443)

  • MySQL Workbench would not work with paramiko 1.7+. (Bug #63750, Bug #13519860)

  • MySQL Workbench would crash after the following sequence: Synchronize Model With Database, Fetch Object Info, Continue. (Bug #63746, Bug #13591854)

  • Query, Commit Result Edits and Query, Discard Result Edits could result in "Unrecognized command" errors, and not function properly. (Bug #63744, Bug #13511195)

  • On Microsoft Windows, tab titles were difficult to read on systems with dark backgrounds. (Bug #63715, Bug #13500349)

  • On OS X, exporting a database that has a stored procedure resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #63653, Bug #13476062)

  • On Microsoft Windows, changing or deleting a row or column within a model, could cause a crash. (Bug #63056, Bug #13344572)

  • Clicking the foreign keys tab within the Alter table context could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #63050, Bug #13492730)

  • The object editor could leak memory and crash MySQL Workbench while handling notifications. (Bug #63025, Bug #13492608)

  • MySQL Workbench would highlight the MySQL 5.6 reserved words name, type, and types. (Bug #62775, Bug #13252599)

  • On Linux, right-clicking on a table and choosing the Alter Table feature would perform no function.

    A workaround was to delete all XML nodes from /usr/share/mysql-workbench/modules/data/ like:

                    <child internal-child="selection">
                      <object class="GtkTreeSelection" id="treeview-selection5"/>

    (Bug #62686, Bug #13491865)

  • Queries containing a UNION are now excluded from the automatic addition of the LIMIT clause, when the Limit Rows preference is enabled. (Bug #62524, Bug #13029474)

  • Double-clicking on a table within the EER diagram editor would sometimes crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #62451, Bug #13014823)

  • On OS X 10.7+, the "Open File" panel would attempt to show hidden files, which failed and cause no files to be shown. MySQL Workbench no longer attempts to display hidden files on OS X. (Bug #62172, Bug #12912085)

  • Pressing the Control + Enter key combination within the SQL editor would generate a recoverable error. (Bug #62169, Bug #12927292)

  • While attempting to synchronize a database to any source, the Execute button to perform the synchronization was missing. Only the Go Back and Close buttons were shown. The Execute button is now standardized for all database synchronization options. (Bug #62130, Bug #12872823)

  • Recovery of the last state using either the Auto-save feature, or the Save snapshot of open editors on close option, would sometimes load improperly by creating an empty schema and/or crash while closing opened SQL editor tabs. (Bug #61950, Bug #12917371)

  • Selecting and editing multiple indexes or foreign keys would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #61863, Bug #62057, Bug #12757370, Bug #13013715)

  • The search box within the MySQL Workbench toolbar did not perform searches. (Bug #61825, Bug #12757354)

  • A pop-up window is no longer generated when selecting an inactive server from within the Server Administration panel. (Bug #61810, Bug #12757347)

  • Individual model settings are now respected. Before they would be ignored in favor of the global settings. (Bug #61771, Bug #12757255)

  • After a connection has timed out, clicking Reconnect to DBMS would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #61722, Bug #12725314)

  • When right-clicking on a table that has triggers, and then choosing Create Statement to either send the statement to the clipboard or SQL editor, the trigger creation statement is written before the table creation statement. (Bug #61698, Bug #12756722)

  • The Server Status window would incorrectly sort options. Numeric fields are now sorted numerically (e.g., 1300 is now after 500). (Bug #61659, Bug #12698865)

  • If the charset/collation is set to use the default value, then DEFAULT will now be inserted as the charset/collation name within generated queries. (Bug #61202, Bug #12622649)

  • When a table had columns like DOUBLE(M,D), the data model synchronization would discard the (M,D) specification, and convert the columns to DOUBLE(11). (Bug #61165, Bug #12565933)

  • MySQL Workbench would not behave correctly with ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as a default value, while synchronizing models, and would update the field. (Bug #61087, Bug #12546735)

  • The Beautify Query wizard would remove spaces from MySQL date function parameter values that contain INTERVAL. (Bug #61021, Bug #12546864)

  • Plugins, Utilities, Reformat SQL Query would mangle queries by removing the first SELECT statement if a subquery clause was present. (Bug #60311, Bug #12613662)

  • MySQL Workbench would emit an error (error code: 1064) with queries using WITH ROLLUP. (Bug #57178, Bug #11764355)

  • On Microsoft Windows, rapidly repeating a query could emit an error. (Bug #56776, Bug #11763997)

  • Pasting a query with \r line endings instead of \r\n or \n could cause MySQL Workbench to mangle the query. Line endings are now normalized after pasting, like they already were while loading files. (Bug #56334, Bug #11763603)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the Routines editor would insert extra line endings. (Bug #55006, Bug #11762414)

  • On Microsoft Windows, using Alt based key shortcut combinations would not always work. (Bug #54119, Bug #11761607)

  • The dialog windows now remain in front, even when another part of MySQL Workbench is clicked. (Bug #48692, Bug #11756737)

  • MySQL Workbench now detects duplicated trigger names while using the Model,Validation, (MySQL)->Validate all and Model, Validation (MySQL), Check integrity sequences. (Bug #44063, Bug #11752780)