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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.26 (2010-08-06)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.25.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • When using the MySQL Workbench table properties to add a foreign key, the size of a new foreign key field will now update to match the size of the corresponding primary key. (Bug #55083, Bug #11762482)

  • Added the default value of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP to context menu of column editor for TIMESTAMP columns. (Bug #54987)

  • A validation module (a SE feature only) has been added. It sends an alert if foreign keys are being used in or to a partitioned table. Note: partitioned tables do not support foreign keys. (Bug #44273, Bug #11752933)

Bugs Fixed

  • On the Home screen, the saved connections previously listed in the Workspace were no longer visible. (Bug #55484)

  • When a model was synchronized with a live database, CHAR(N) columns were always synchronized as CHAR(1). (Bug #55334)

  • Importing a DBDesigner model caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #55300)

  • In the Synchronize Model with Database wizard, the list of schemata was not drawn correctly on the Select Schemata page, if Back was clicked from the Fetch Object Info page. (Bug #55174)

  • Complex queries with multiple newlines did not fit well in the Action column of the Output tab of the SQL Editor. This prevented any query error messages from being read. (Bug #55117)

  • In the Reverse Engineer Database wizard, using a pattern mask to filter tables being imported caused a subsequent MySQL Workbench crash. (Bug #55076)

  • In the Administrator, if the MySQL server configuration file was modified to enable skip-innodb, and the server was restarted, InnoDB was still active. (Bug #55030)

  • On the Snippets tab, the tooltip for the Insert selected snippet to cursor position in the active SQL editor button contained the misspelling selected. (Bug #55026)

  • The Configuration section of the MySQL Workbench Administrator did not copy configuration variables from the my.cnf file that contained an underscore character. (Bug #54933)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed if minimized while loading a model. (Bug #54918)

  • In the Overview tab of the SQL Editor, if there was a large number of schemata, using the arrow buttons in the interface to scroll through them caused MySQL Workbench to crash, usually on the last schema in the list. (Bug #54891)

  • When using the SQL Editor and issuing a query containing SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and a subsequent FOUND_ROWS() query, FOUND_ROWS() returned zero instead of the number of matching rows without a LIMIT applied. (Bug #54868)

  • MySQL Workbench would not compile on RHEL 5. This was due to the calls to the function set_opacity in library/form/gtk/src/lf_utilities.cpp (line 661) and library/forms/gtk/src/lf_popup.cpp (line 64). The set_opacity function was not available in GTK 2.10. (Bug #54844)

  • Multi-statement syntax did not work in the SQL Editor. If the delimiter was set to a character other than the default semicolon, the SQL Editor should still have recognized semicolon as a valid delimiter for multi-statements, but it did not. (Bug #54831)

  • In the SQL Editor, if a column's comment contained a Chinese word, then in the Object Browser, if the context-sensitive menu item Send to SQL Editor, Create Statement was selected, incomplete script code was sent to the SQL Query tab. (Bug #54822)

  • When a model was forward engineered to a database, insert statements associated with binary data were not present in the generated code. As a result, binary data was not forwarded to the database. (Bug #54680)

  • In an EER Diagram, the circles at each end of a relationship line were drawn in different sizes. (Bug #54663)

  • When forward engineering an SQL ALTER script, the generated code attempted to recreate all foreign keys. (Bug #54363)

  • In forward engineering a model to a database, the PRIMARY index was not reordered correctly when columns were reordered. (Bug #54176)

  • When using su -user instead of sudo, rather than requesting the password of the user for invoking the su command, MySQL Workbench requested the root password and attempted to invoke the sudo command. (Bug #53740)

  • When zooming in and out of the EER Diagram view, MySQL Workbench generated an unknown error. (Bug #52829, Bug #55390)

  • When connecting to a server, MySQL Workbench prompted for a password, even if one had not been set for that account. (Bug #52826)

  • After creating a server instance and double-clicking it on the Home screen, the Administrator took an excessively long time to load (over 10 minutes). (Bug #52530)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed when executing LOAD DATA LOCAL as a query in the SQL Editor. (Bug #49694)

  • If the Start Server button was clicked twice in MySQL Workbench, the server would stop. (Bug #49588)

  • In the list view of the physical schemata, clicking a list column heading failed to sort the items by that column. (Bug #38863)