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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.3 (2009-09-15)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.2.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • In the Inserts tab of the Table Editor, if a value was entered with quoting then any characters in the string requiring escaping were not escaped. However, if the same string was entered without quoting then the string would be escaped correctly by MySQL Workbench.

    For 5.0 and 5.1 this is expected behavior. If a value is entered without leading and trailing quotation marks, the Inserts Editor adds quoting and escapes characters that require it. However, if quoted text is entered, the Inserts Editor carries out no further checks because it assumes a correctly escaped and quoted sequence has been entered.

    5.2 features a new Inserts Editor. In this case the user enters the string without quoting or escaping and the Inserts Editor takes care of all quoting and escaping as required. (Bug #38906)

Bugs Fixed

  • In the Forward Engineer SQL CREATE script wizard, in the dialog asking for confirmation to overwrite an existing file, clicking the Cancel button led to the wizard proceeding to the next step, while clicking the Replace button led to cancellation of the action. The functionality of the buttons appeared to be reversed. (Bug #47257)

  • When adding inserts with a NULL value in a column, MySQL Workbench incorrectly added single quotation marks to the NULL value.


    Note, when entering a NULL value right-click the button next to the value and select Set selection to NULL, otherwise NULL will be interpreted as a string literal.

    (Bug #47122)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed on launch on OS X 10.6.0. (Bug #46953)

  • If the Default Storage Engine was selected as MyISAM in the Model Options dialog, when a new table was created in the EER Diagram it was found to have a storage engine type of InnoDB. (Bug #46752)

  • When a model containing invalid/broken foreign key definitions was loaded into MySQL Workbench, the errors were detected and repaired.

    However, when the model was saved and reloaded it contained changed data types. All INTEGER columns were changed to INTEGER(11). Further, some BOOLEAN columns were changed to BOOLEAN(1). (Bug #46467)

  • If the Table Editor had been invoked then the Text Boxes in the Tools, Preferences dialog became vertically misaligned. This only happened for MySQL Workbench running on OS X. (Bug #46255)

  • When a connection was selected in the DB Connection Editor it appeared to flicker a number of times before MySQL Workbench crashed. (Bug #46065)

  • When a database with Stored Procedures was reverse-engineered into MySQL Workbench the Stored Procedures were not displayed in the Routine Editor, and so could not be edited. (Bug #45704)

  • When running MySQL Workbench on OS X, if a table was added to the model diagram and deleted the application crashed. This happened for a new diagram from a schema imported from a live database. (Bug #45692)

  • During Forward Engineering, clicking the Copy to Clipboard button generated code that contained an extra newline per line. (Bug #45579)

  • Attempts to rebuild the MySQL Workbench source RPM failed. The RPM appeared to contain an unmodified template instead of the correct spec file with variable placeholders replaced by actual values.

    When using the following command to rebuild the RPM:

    shell> rpmbuild -ba --clean SPECS/

    This error was generated:

    error: File /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/mysql-workbench-oss-@VERSION@.tar.gz:
    No such file or directory

    Further, the spec file in the package had the incorrect suffix instead of .spec. (Bug #45515)

  • On OS X, it was not possible to resize a Text Object on the EER Diagram canvas. (Bug #45472)

    References: See also: Bug #39887.

  • It was not possible to assign columns to indexes because the Column check boxes did not respond to mouse events. (Bug #45260)

  • MySQL Workbench generated a segmentation fault when clicking either the NN or AI check boxes on the Columns tab of the Table Editor. (Bug #45075)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, if the column was of type ENUM and was given a default value, when an attempt was made to forward engineer the schema it would not validate. (Bug #44368)

  • In the Physical Schemata pane if more schema were added than could fit within the pane, these schema could not be viewed because there was no ability to scroll the pane. Further, double-clicking the schema in the Catalog pane did not locate the schema in the Physical Schemata pane.

    MySQL Workbench was changed so that a small down arrow button was added to the right side of the Physical Schemata tab bar. This provides a list to select a specific schema tab. (Bug #39735)

  • When Help, About was selected from the main menu, it was not possible to copy MySQL Workbench version information to the clipboard. (Bug #39610)

  • When a diagram was exported as PNG it used the height and width of the model as displayed in the EER Diagram. This resulted in the exported picture being too small or too large, rather than being scaled to a consistent size. (Bug #36226)