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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.43 (2012-09-12)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.42.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The default object/relationship notation for new models will now be taken from the last notation selected by the user. This is chosen via Model, Relationship Notation. (Bug #49997, Bug #11757883)

Bugs Fixed

  • It was possible for a custom plugin to cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #14595613, Bug #65817)

  • After editing and closing an EER diagram, double-clicking on one of the diagram tables could generate an exception. (Bug #14587490, Bug #66699)

  • Dropping multiple objects at the same time was not possible. Selecting multiple objects, right-clicking on one of the selected objects, and then choosing the Drop n Object option would generate SQL that deleted only one of the selected objects. (Bug #14538863)

  • A semicolon at the end of a single lined SQL comment would be treated as a delimiter, and cause the SQL query to not execute. (Bug #14529811, Bug #66505)

  • Passing in the -nologo argument while starting MySQL Workbench would cause a crash. (Bug #14527014)

  • MySQL Workbench would sometimes crash at startup due to a race condition. The logged error included "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created." (Bug #14526134, Bug #66130)

  • Right-clicking and choosing Edit Table Data while multiple schemas are selected could cause the activity animation icon to remain active and/or crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #14524139, Bug #66022)

  • Clicking Browse after the Target Creation Options stage of the database migration wizard would generate an error. (Bug #14520838, Bug #66271)

  • Synchronizing a restored EER model with the Model and Database Differences, Update Model Only configuration option enabled for all tables would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #14510962, Bug #66436)

  • Migrating a Microsoft SQL Server table that contained both NULL and non-null values in a DATETIME column failed to import properly. (Bug #14509484, Bug #66359)

  • Right-clicking on a table and selecting Copy Insert Statement would generate SQL with the columns sorted in alphabetical order. The SQL is now generated in the order listed in the database. (Bug #14508845, Bug #66419)

  • With the Slovenian keyboard layout chosen, pressing Control + / would not toggle commenting. (Bug #14504877, Bug #66131)

  • Migrating from a remote SQL Server 2008 database to a local MySQL database failed at the Fetch Schemata List stage of the database migration wizard, as it was unable to connect to the source database. (Bug #14498549, Bug #66030)

  • Synchronizing a model could crash if the model had an invalid foreign key. (Bug #14498436, Bug #66020)

  • On Fedora 17, autoconf would not detect the altlr which is antlr3-C version 3.4. (Bug #14495924, Bug #66325)

  • The database export feature would not always export the correct databases if some database names were clicked while others checked the selection check box. This feature now only takes into account the check boxes. (Bug #14495660, Bug #66376)

  • Under certain conditions, synchronizing a model would generate SQL statements that dropped a schema before altering it. (Bug #14495165, Bug #66083)

  • On Linux, the mysql-workbench-bin executable is no longer installed under /usr/bin/ because it cannot be executed directly. It was moved to /usr/lib*/mysql-workbench/. (Bug #14485725, Bug #66322)

  • On Microsoft Windows, MySQL Workbench would crash after attempting to export a model as a PNG, SVN, or PDF. (Bug #14483735, Bug #66298)

  • The object browser did not display foreign keys. A workaround was to view them via the Alter Table interface. (Bug #14483668, Bug #66226)

  • Objects in the schema tree, such as tables, were not listed alphabetically after edits were made. (Bug #14483610, Bug #66209)

  • Selecting a view in the object browser would sometimes insert the view into the table listing. (Bug #14483526, Bug #66158)

  • The Select Schemata step of the Reverse Engineer Database wizard would not display the underscore character correctly. Instead it would appear as an underline to the next character. (Bug #14467930, Bug #66248)

  • On OS X, code signing was added to MySQL Workbench so it will now load when this condition is required. (Bug #14457847, Bug #66052)

  • On a table with a multiple field foreign key, attempts to remove one of these fields failed. The associated check boxes can now be used with success. (Bug #14415483, Bug #66171)

  • Expanding a view object from within the schema viewer would immediately collapse, and it would only expand with subsequent attempts. (Bug #14404189)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the behavior of Control + Enter was changed back to the previous behavior, which is to execute the statement that contains the cursor, instead of the last statement in the SQL editor, or the current statement if the cursor is at the beginning. (Bug #14396992, Bug #66025)

  • After exporting a schema, and unselecting the schema, exporting a new schema would export both the current and previously exported schema. (Bug #14388355)

  • Exporting a table that contained views could fail to export. (Bug #14359349, Bug #65780)

  • A warning message was added when a user attempts to delete an index that belongs to a foreign key. (Bug #14359329, Bug #65972)

  • The default database while applying changes to users and privileges is now set to mysql. (Bug #14359266, Bug #65959)

  • The --enable-maintainer-mode autoconf option was not available. (Bug #14329365, Bug #65900)

  • MySQL Workbench could execute queries from the wrong tab after tabs were moved (reordered). (Bug #14221754, Bug #65557)

  • The vertical scrollbar in the table definition window would appear incorrect after clicking a NN (Not Null) check box on one of the column definitions. (Bug #14221022, Bug #65500)

  • Choosing the Edit in New Window context menu on a routine would not open a new window. (Bug #14171776, Bug #65520)

  • Executing from mysql.utilities.parser import GeneralQueryLog from within the MySQL Workbench scripting shell would result in an error. (Bug #14128312)

  • On OS X, new tabs could not be closed (via the [x]) if ten or more tabs were already open, and if the total MySQL Workbench window width exceeded around 1200px. (Bug #14127281, Bug #65186)

  • The MySQL Export wizard would not escape hardcoded newlines in the generated SQL, but they are now escaped. For example, a \n now remains as \n in the exported query, when before it was expanded. (Bug #14124914, Bug #65222)

  • On Linux, pressing the Enter key after typing a file name would not save the file while doing so in the SQL editor file save dialogue. (Bug #14124900, Bug #64945)

  • On Linux, tables that are present are now marked with a black point in the diagram editor. (Bug #14107656, Bug #65210)

  • The Plugins, Objects, Create Multiple Tables feature did not function on Microsoft Windows, and only created one table on Linux. (Bug #14026694, Bug #14026709)

  • On OS X, hiding a window pane (such as the snippets) would cause the window pane to remain hidden, even after restarting MySQL Workbench. (Bug #14017268, Bug #65138)

  • Exported "Excel Spreadsheet" files were exported with the ".xls" extension, instead of the ".xml" extension. (Bug #13970552, Bug #64955)

  • MySQL Workbench was unable to edit the lc_time_names variable. (Bug #13939985, Bug #64880)

  • Under certain conditions, MySQL Workbench would generate invalid SQL when dealing with foreign keys. (Bug #13865784, Bug #14486006, Bug #64601, Bug #66285)

  • After setting an EER diagram marker, modifying the zoom, and then setting a marker, the markers would not be created. (Bug #13742896)

  • While editing a model, right-clicking on a user and choosing Copy SQL to Clipboard would not function. (Bug #13742855)

  • On Linux, the WB_FORCE_SYSTEM_COLORS environment variable was added. Enabling this variable (with a value of 1) will disable MySQL Workbench from using its own color scheme. Example usage: export WB_FORCE_SYSTEM_COLORS=1. This is useful for certain conditions, like when using the HighContrastInverse or GnomishDark system themes. (Bug #13608244, Bug #64013)

  • MySQL Workbench would yield incorrect results while displaying results from the MAX function on a bit field. (Bug #13496747, Bug #63457)

  • Table data could not be edited if the primary key was a binary field. (Bug #13418610, Bug #63198)

  • Multiple objects would remain selected after adding a new table within the Create new EER Model wizard. (Bug #12933282)

  • The Forward Engineering wizard did not utilize the Use Default Schema setting that is set in the Manage Connections configuration table. (Bug #12757331, Bug #61786)

  • Deleting a connection would not immediately delete the connection from MySQL Workbench. (Bug #12642474, Bug #61445)

  • Passwords are now removed if they are no longer used by other connections when a particular connection is deleted. (Bug #12627613, Bug #61322)

  • The Treat BINARY/VARBINARY as nonbinary character string preference for SQL Queries did not function. (Bug #12612409)

  • On OS X, the Server Status tool would fail to find the server. (Bug #11766286, Bug #59365)

  • MySQL Workbench would not export data when using a remote server connection through SSL with certificates. (Bug #11766196, Bug #59249)

  • When a routine contained CONCAT with a number as an argument, MySQL Workbench would return it as a BLOB. (Bug #11763872, Bug #11766226, Bug #56642, Bug #59290)

  • The error icon would continue to be displayed in the SQL editor after deleting a character to create the error, and then adding it back. This only affected multiline SQL statements. (Bug #11763319, Bug #56015)

  • On OS X, the window to set up a Standard TCP/IP over SSH connection contained incorrect descriptions. And the dialogue now behaves more intelligently. (Bug #11761555, Bug #54061)

  • The Tab key would not navigate field values in the Set remote configuration parameters dialogue of the Server Administration panel. (Bug #11757375, Bug #49413)

  • Closing MySQL Workbench while an unsaved model was open would prompt the user with a "MySQL Workbench has stopped working" error, with a Close button. MySQL Workbench now prompts to either save or close. (Bug #61802, Bug #12912241)

  • While using the Forward Engineer wizard, any change detected in a connection option now clears the "Stored connection" field. (Bug #49921, Bug #11757818)