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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.35 (2011-09-23)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.34.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • On Microsoft Windows, the standard (common) keyboard and mouse shortcuts that control zoom were not fully implemented. Usage: Control++ to zoom in, Control+- to zoom out, and Control+/ to reset to 100%. (Bug #57463, Bug #11764608)

  • Usernames and schemas can now be sorted. (Bug #55318, Bug #11762692)

  • The Copy Insert Template to Clipboard option was added to the Model View. For more information, see A Table on an EER Diagram. (Bug #54887, Bug #11762310)

  • The query history is now saved between Workbench sessions. (Bug #51388, Bug #11759102)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Administrator now allows various authentication plugins (such as Windows Auth, PAM) to create user accounts.

    The dropdown for the authentication method will only be displayed if MySQL Workbench detects that additional authentication plugins are enabled by the server. (Bug #12899893)

  • The unused Start MySQL Utilities Shell for Connection connection menu item was removed. (Bug #12898126)

  • MySQL Workbench would sometimes crash after opening multiple EER diagrams. (Bug #12875254)

  • The Create EER Model from Existing Data Base process would incorrectly report that the schema was empty. (Bug #12875126)

  • The Synchronize with Any Source option reversed the 'destination' and 'source' database names within the generated SQL statement. (Bug #62189, Bug #12921676)

  • The is_enabled() method was added to the mforms View class. (Bug #62140, Bug #12860149)

  • MySQL Workbench crashed with a segmentation fault after the connection step of a model synchronization. (Bug #61822, Bug #12742008)

  • The database connection splash screen would freeze after opening a server administration instance. It would work perfectly the second time. (Bug #61693, Bug #12756623)

  • MySQL Workbench would crash when pressing Apply to an empty SQL field under the Review the SQL Script to be Applied to the Database form, the second time, after selecting Go Back. (Bug #61632, Bug #12694149)

  • On OS X, an unchanged MWB file would prompt to save after exiting, and then crash after selecting Yes. (Bug #61547, Bug #12668099)

  • On OS X, connecting to remote servers using SSH tunnels failed to connect. The workaround was to manually test the connection first, via the Manage Connections menu. (Bug #61537, Bug #12674397)

  • Viewing the Admin Management option Server Logs with an empty TABLE resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #61523, Bug #12674989)

  • On OS X, the Operation in progress dialogue would stall when using database connections from older versions of MySQL Workbench. The workaround was to move the mouse. (Bug #61416, Bug #12627853)

  • On Microsoft Windows, a MySQL Workbench Unexpected Error dialogue is generated when using two SQL Editor windows each with their own database connection to the same server. (Bug #61367, Bug #12612181)

  • On OS X, disabling the Enable data changes commit wizard preference setting would not disable the wizard. (Bug #61354, Bug #12616314)

  • The SQL Editor Output, History window contained escaped characters. For example, a "'" was written as "'". (Bug #61345, Bug #12605093)

  • On Linux, the Reverse Engineer Database, Select Objects to Reverse Engineer dialogue contained a menu titled label. (Bug #61327, Bug #12600868)

  • The SQL Editor Overview tab did not refresh after a schema was deleted. (Bug #61314, Bug #12616355)

  • Create EER Model, Schema Privileges, Add Role, Privileges, and then Uncheck All Privileges caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #61308, Bug #12613935)

  • The Find Plugin in Web Repository option was removed from the MySQL Doc Library action. (Bug #61305, Bug #12613922)

  • On Ubuntu Linux, MySQL Workbench crashed with a segmentation fault when executing the View, Output combination twice. (Bug #61303, Bug #12601189)

  • On Microsoft Windows, installation of 5.2.34 over 5.2.33 would sometimes fail due to file collisions, and would then crash at startup. (Bug #61296, Bug #12600117)

  • Creating, then selecting or removing user accounts with invalid hosts (such as '%', including the single quotes) resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #61244, Bug #12580053)

  • MySQL Workbench would not load the configuration options with MariaDB due to version number differences between MariaDB and MySQL. (Bug #61219, Bug #12605404)

  • Under certain circumstances, closing a query window would not prompt to save the query. (Bug #61160, Bug #12565971)

  • On Microsoft Windows, expensive queries caused MySQL Workbench to be unresponsive after other applications were made active, and the MySQL Workbench wizard was running. This meant that the main MySQL Workbench window could not be selected. (Bug #61122, Bug #12543271)

  • MySQL Workbench would not compile with GNU C Compiler (GCC) version 4.6. (Bug #60603, Bug #12617226)

  • The query beautifier added superfluous identifier quote characters to the end of some queries. (Bug #60576, Bug #11926859)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the following scenario generated an error and a bogus SQL editor tab upon MySQL Workbench restoration: Having multiple open SQL Editor tabs, closing the first, and then closing the database connection (while the Auto-save scripts interval option is enabled). (Bug #60569, Bug #12617215)

  • The MySQL Workbench SE MySQL Bug Reporter linked to instead of (Bug #60364, Bug #11872318)

  • MySQL Workbench would not connect to multiple database connections when the sql_history folder was too large. A workaround was to delete the sql_history folder. (Bug #59520, Bug #11766417)

  • The SQL Editor History could not be saved when the username contained Unicode characters. This was due to MySQL Workbench attempting to save files using an invalid file path. (Bug #59215, Bug #12403539)

  • Closing MySQL Workbench would not prompt to save SQL Editor scratch tabs. (Bug #58899, Bug #11765889)

  • The Management, Server Logs, Slow Query Log view resulted in an unhandled exception after the initial Newest button usage. (Bug #58810, Bug #11765808)

  • The Object Browser now automatically refreshes after an object is changed. (Bug #56704, Bug #11763930)

  • It was not possible to drop multiple selected tables or schemas. (Bug #55688, Bug #11763027)

  • Copy Insert to Clipboard now updates the MySQL Workbench status to say The table schema.table has no records for insert statements when no inserts are defined for the table. (Bug #54887, Bug #11762310)