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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.10 (2009-12-01)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.9.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL Workbench now has the command line option --version, which is used to display the version of the application, when launching the application from the command line. (Bug #49136)

  • The Help, Workbench Product Page menu item launched the default web browser, but displayed an outdated product page. This was due to a web server configuration issue. MySQL Workbench now displays the correct, up-to-date product page. (Bug #49066)

Bugs Fixed

  • When using Alter Table in the SQL Editor, if a column name was changed, and the Apply button clicked, the Apply Object Changes wizard was launched. The Review changes page indicated that the script that would be applied would drop the altered column then add a new column with the new name. This led to column data being lost because the script should instead have used CHANGE COLUMN, to change the name of the column. (Bug #49286)

  • When using Alter Table in the SQL Editor, if a table name was changed, and the Apply button clicked, the Apply Object Changes wizard was launched. The Review changes page indicated that the script that would be applied would incorrectly create a new table as a duplicate of the table being renamed, rather than use ALTER to rename the table. (Bug #49275)

  • In the configuration editor, in the Admin tab, the Discard button simply unchecked all options, rather than just those that had been checked during the current editing session. This made the button appear to have a clear all function, rather than the expected revert changes function. (Bug #49234)

  • When using the Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script wizard, if the check box Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names was selected, the script code for views was omitted. (Bug #49153)

  • In the Administrative Roles tab of Server Access Management, selection of Roles did not work correctly. For example, selecting the DBA check box, and then deselecting it, caused all roles to be deselected. Further, using the Revert button resulted in the selected user disappearing from the User Accounts panel. (Bug #49071)

  • MySQL Workbench did not handle signed and unsigned integers correctly. For example, if performing a synchronization between a model and a live database where the only difference was a column was declared to be of type INTEGER in one case and UNSIGNED INTEGER in the other, the difference would not be detected and the ALTER script would imply the databases were the same. (Bug #49063)

  • A MySQL configuration file caused MySQL Workbench to crash, when an attempt was made to view it in the configuration editor of the Admin tab. The error generated was:

    Unhandled exception:  'bool' object has no attribute 'strip'

    (Bug #49060, Bug #49602)

  • In the SQL Editor, two buttons on the toolbar had no tooltips. These were the green check or tick mark, and the red back arrow buttons. Further, they did not seem to become enabled or disabled according to the context, making it difficult to determine their intended function. (Bug #49059)

  • On the MySQL Config File page of the New Server Profile wizard, clicking Check section generated an exception if there were options in the MySQL configuration file that did not have values assigned:

    Check if mysqld section exists in /tmp/my.cnf
    ** Message: function call error
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/usr/lib/mysql-workbench/modules/", line 292, in
      File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 267, in read
        self._read(fp, filename)
      File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 490, in _read
        raise e
    ConfigParser.ParsingError: File contains parsing errors: /tmp/my.cnf
            [line  2]: 'log-bin\n'
    glibmm-ERROR **:
    unhandled exception (type std::exception) in signal handler:
    what: error calling WbAdmin.testInstanceSettingByName: see output for details

    (Bug #49057, Bug #47954)

  • On the Admin screen, the server configuration option Key buffer, was located under the General tab, rather than the MyISAM Parameters tab, even though it was a MyISAM-only option. (Bug #49017)

  • In the configuration editor in the Admin tab, the lists for displaying units, such as for the Sort buffer size option, did not show 'G', which represents Gigabytes. This bug was fixed in 5.2.10.

    It was subsequently decided to standardize all units around uppercase characters. In particular the 'k' was changed to 'K'. This change was made in version 5.2.13. (Bug #49013)

  • In the SQL Editor, the database explorer of the Schemata palette in the side panel did not work correctly. Incorrect behavior included random collapsing of expanded databases and occasional crashing. (Bug #48981)

  • When using the data modeler, MySQL Workbench extended vertically to the maximum size of the screen, overlapping the dock, and thereby making it impossible to use. (Bug #48976)

  • In the Manage Server Instances dialog, if the Server Instances list pane was empty, then on creating a new Server Instance, it was not possible to change the instance's name. The instance had to be created, the dialog closed. On reopening the dialog, the instance could be renamed. (Bug #48967)

  • The Generate Catalog Diff Report feature did not permit the comparison of imported scripts because selecting the radio button for this option had no effect. (Bug #47230)

  • If a collation was changed for a table in the Table Editor, there was no facility to then set this back to the schema default.

    A new entry has been now been added to the collation selection list: Schema Default. (Bug #46513)

  • When a model containing stored routines was forward engineered to a script, the script contained an erroneous additional delimiter after each stored routine. This resulted in a No query specified error when an attempt was made to run the script on a server. (Bug #39929)