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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.40 (2012-05-16)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.39.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The table inserts grid now supports Copy, Cut, and Paste, for both rows and individual cells. (Bug #11760095, Bug #52469)

  • The SQL editor tab now displays the selected database in the header. (Bug #50932, Bug #11758694)

  • The File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL ... wizards now have the option to use the same configuration settings from the last time Forward Engineer SQL ... was used. (Bug #34977, Bug #11748058)

Bugs Fixed

  • On Microsoft Windows, the mysqlrplshow MySQL Utility was missing. (Bug #13773189)

  • Within the SQL Editor, MySQL Workbench would freeze after choosing Replace All when the find field was empty. (Bug #13744385)

  • On Microsoft Windows XP, performing a database export could cause MySQL Workbench to crash while using the Export to Self-Contained File option with a UNC path. (Bug #13701996, Bug #64267)

  • On OS X, the schema sidebar was missing a horizontal scrollbar. (Bug #13596326, Bug #64000)

  • Inserting a snippet into the SQL Editor could insert incorrect characters. (Bug #13466559)

  • Copying SQL to the clipboard could cause MySQL Workbench to hang or crash if the table comments contained Unicode characters that exceeded the buffer size. (Bug #64611, Bug #13840045)

  • Within the Database, Synchronize With Any Source wizard, synchronizing a model from a Live Database Server source to a Model Schemata destination would crash after the Retrieve Object Information step. (Bug #64553, Bug #13812932)

  • After a connection has timed out, clicking Reconnect to DBMS would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #64467, Bug #13840041)

  • SELECT queries could crash MySQL Workbench during the validation stage of the SQL Editor. (Bug #64435, Bug #13788133)

  • MySQL Workbench would generate invalid SQL while using the Partitioning tab when altering a table. (Bug #64396, Bug #13788180)

  • On Windows XP, attempts to copy values from multiple cells would fail, and not insert values into the clipboard. (Bug #64281, Bug #13726466)

  • A query like SELECT foo+1 FROM bar could cause a crash. (Bug #64051, Bug #13629089)

  • The following sequence could crash MySQL Workbench: "Open a model", "Synchronize the model with a remote database", "Modify the model", and then "Synchronize the model" a second time. (Bug #63943, Bug #13779239)

  • The Data Export option would not use the current date in the folder name containing the exported data. (Bug #63893, Bug #13571760)

  • The Open value in viewer window did not open with SELECT queries that used the cast function. (Bug #63874, Bug #13548148)

  • On Fedora Linux version 16 and greater, the service command is now used to start and stop the MySQL Server, instead of /etc/init.d/mysqld. (Bug #63777, Bug #13519817)

  • The Control + a key combination would not select all of the text within a window. (Bug #63752, Bug #13511244)

  • MySQL Workbench would not build with GLib 2.3x+, as only glib.h can be included directly. (Bug #63705, Bug #13500364)

  • On OS X, expanding the schema for a remote database from within the SQL Editor tab would crash, if the SQL editor tab was closed before the tables were done being fetched. (Bug #63589, Bug #13500242)

  • The minimum size of the MySQL Workbench window has been lowered to 980x600 pixels, although officially the minimum screen resolution requirement remains at 1280×1024. (Bug #63519, Bug #13463411)

  • While using MySQL Workbench to adjust a Users and Privileges role with a MySQL Server version prior to 5.1.6, an unhandled exception would result from MySQL Workbench attempting to access the mysql.event table. (Bug #63149, Bug #13496657)

  • On OS X, when viewing the results of a query that would normally exceed the window width, the last column would have a width of one character if the column type was numeric. (Bug #62588, Bug #13365052)

  • Database, Synchronize Model would not update the view after a new field was added. (Bug #62569, Bug #13051152)

  • Queries that explicitly set RESTRICT will now synchronize properly with those that do not, because RESTRICT is the default behavior in MySQL. (Bug #62432, Bug #13491535)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the MySQL Workbench installer would sometimes not detect where VISUAL C++ 2010 was installed.

    A workaround is to append CPP_100_RUNTIMES to the eCustomProperties property in the .msi file. (Bug #62141, Bug #12872805)

  • MySQL Workbench would prompt a user for the password to reconnect to a MySQL server that had lost the connection, and this password dialogue would not have focus yet still showed as the top window with a blinking cursor. To reduce confusion, this password window is no longer the top window. (Bug #62003, Bug #12918370)

  • The following sequence would crash MySQL Workbench: Database, Reverse Engineer to generate an EER diagram, then Database, Synchronize with Any Source, and then a mouse-click would cause the crash. (Bug #61876, Bug #12912593)

  • Scrolling the mouse wheel now only scrolls the focused window. (Bug #61480, Bug #12661387)

  • The _idx suffix is now added to foreign keys as they are created.

    And MySQL Workbench checks for duplicate named foreign keys if a document is loaded from a previous version of MySQL Workbench. And if duplicates are found, then the user is given the choice of renaming them. (Bug #60705, Bug #58135, Bug #12621452, Bug #11765197)

  • Password-based SSH authentication would still check the key-based authentication files within .ssh/ before prompting for a password. (Bug #60024, Bug #12672238)