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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.47 (2013-02-15)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.46.

Bugs Fixed

  • Pressing the Delete key with the cursor focus in a column name would remove diagram objects while editing an EER diagram. (Bug #16285264)

  • Adding indexes to existing tables would sometimes freeze the cursor focus. (Bug #16209869, Bug #68149)

  • Pressing Delete would delete an object from an EER Model diagram. The correct keyboard shortcut for this operation is Modifier + Delete. Simply pressing Delete will only delete the character to the right of the cursor. (Bug #16185212, Bug #68102)

  • Arrange, Autolayout would push model items outside of the page. (Bug #14781895, Bug #67278)

  • With auto-completion enabled, editing text in the SQL editor for a model could close MySQL Workbench. (Bug #14520292, Bug #66111)

  • In the inputs tab of the table editor, it was not possible enter values using binary notation, such as b'1' or 0b1, for a value in a BIT field. (Bug #12917990, Bug #61966)

  • Clicking an EER diagram tab would initially display the Model tab before displaying the EER diagram tab that was clicked. (Bug #12661264, Bug #61473)

  • The foreign key settings for On Update and On Delete would sometimes be lost after adding a new foreign key. (Bug #11764432, Bug #57263)

  • Sometimes the comment field was too wide and would flow over the right sidebar. (Bug #11756731, Bug #58684)

  • The database migration wizard now disables triggers before copying data, by dropping and writing them to a temporary table and then restoring them later. This default behavior can be modified from the command-line by using the --dont-disable-triggers-option option, which prevents this logic from taking effect. Also, --disable-triggers-on=schema will remove the triggers for a particular schema and store them into a temporary table, and --reenable-triggers-on=schema will fetch the saved triggers from --disable-triggers-on=schema and recreate the triggers into the target schema.

  • The uninstaller would leave leftover MySQL Workbench files on the host. These files are now deleted.

  • The New Server Instance wizard, in the Server Administration section, was updated to include additional MySQL Server 5.6 specific templates.