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MySQL Workbench Release Notes  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2  /  Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.25 (2010-06-30, General Availability)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.25 (2010-06-30, General Availability)

First GA 5.2 release. This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.24.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • MySQL Workbench now prompts the user for a password for attempts to connect using a TCP over SSH connection type, if a password was not previously provided during configuration of the connection. (Bug #47892)

Bugs Fixed

  • Compiling MySQL Workbench from source failed with this error while building library/grt/src/grtpp_grt.cpp:

    Could not find file cairo_features.h
    (included from cairo.h, which is included from
    library/base/src/string_utilities.h, which is included in grtpp_grt.cpp)

    (Bug #54833)

  • On exit, MySQL Workbench prompted the user to save changes for every query tab that had been opened in the SQL Editor, even where a table had simply been viewed, and no script code had been written by the user. (Bug #54754)

  • When synchronizing a model with the live database, the generated SQL included erroneous DROP COLUMN and ADD COLUMN operations, and also erroneous ADD INDEX and DROP INDEX operations. (Bug #54740)

  • Inserts data did not appear to be preserved between MySQL Workbench versions.

    A model was created with MySQL Workbench 5.1.18 and data inserted using the Insert tab. If the model was then saved and loaded into MySQL Workbench 5.2.22, and the model forward engineered to an SQL script, the generated script contained INSERT statements that inserted NULL instead of the data originally entered. (Bug #54639)

  • In the Create Routine dialog of the SQL Editor, the text label associated with the Name textbox mentioned view, rather than routine. (Bug #54566)

  • Minimizing MySQL Workbench after a connection with a server was established produced this error:

    SplitterDistance must be between Panel1MinSize and (Width - Panel2MinSize)

    (Bug #54482)

  • In the Data Dump section of the Administrator, using the Export to Backup Project Folder option resulted in triggers being exported to both the table files and the routines files. Attempting to import the exported files produced an error due to the duplicated triggers. (Bug #54426)

  • When a .dbquery file created with MySQL Query Browser was opened in the SQL Editor, the Byte Order Mark (BOM) was not removed. This led to an erroneous character being prepended to the first statement, making it illegal. (Bug #54322)

  • When forward engineering to a live database, the generated SQL statements contained an erroneous additional carriage return at the end of each line. This manifested in two ways. In the first case, in the Forward Engineer to Database wizard, if Save to File was selected, a carriage-return character was appended to each line. In the second case, if Copy to Clipboard was selected, and the content subsequently pasted from the clipboard to an editor, the extra carriage return characters was attached only to the DDL statements inside Create View and Create Trigger. (Bug #54272, Bug #54244)

  • Printing or previewing an EER Diagram in Landscape/Tabloid produced blank output. (Bug #54240, Bug #54601)

  • MySQL Workbench generated excessive diagnostic messages at startup. Now MySQL Workbench does not display diagnostic messages by default on Linux, unless activated by starting MySQL Workbench with the --verbose option. (Bug #54021)

  • In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, column ordering handling had numerous problems. For example, dragging and dropping a column did not locate the column as expected. (Bug #53749)

  • If the Alter Routine dialog was maximized in the SQL Editor, the dialog buttons were no longer visible. (Bug #53734)

  • In the Configuration tab of the Administrator, the parameter innodb_support_xa on the InnoDB Parameters tab has a corresponding check box. If this was selected and changes applied, the confirmation dialog indicated these changes were made:

    Added:  [mysqld] innodb_support_xa = True

    However, what was added to the my.cnf file was innodb_support_xa. This meant there was no way to set this parameter (which defaults to True) to False using MySQL Workbench. (Bug #53449)

  • In the SQL Editor, if a query was executed and MySQL Workbench was minimized, the Results tab window area was not correctly redrawn on maximizing the application. (Bug #51991)

  • When synchronizing a model that contained triggers, MySQL Workbench generated erroneous DROP TRIGGER and CREATE TRIGGER statements, even when the triggers had not been changed. (Bug #51929)

  • MySQL Workbench displayed instability after an SSH connection to the server was closed, resulting in hanging or crashing behavior. (Bug #50554)

  • When creating a table containing columns with a BOOLEAN data type, the model then failed to validate, even though BOOLEAN is offered on the list of types available for columns. (Bug #49538)

  • In the Inserts editor, the underscores in column headings were incorrectly displayed as accelerator/shortcut keys. (Bug #48831)

  • For the Manage DB Connections dialog, labels such as user name and password were hidden when the dialog was opened at its default size. (Bug #47890)

  • In the Modeler, when opening a new object such as a table, the currently open tab was reused, rather than a new tab being opened. This made it difficult to compare objects such as tables and routines. (Bug #45557)

  • When a table was copied in the EER Diagram view, it was found that the paste menu option was visible but disabled when an attempt was made to paste the table into a new diagram. (Bug #38432)