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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.2.46 (2013-02-05)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.2.45.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The BLOB viewer defaults to read-write mode, but the text view will now show the text as read-only if the text contains "\0" or non-UTF-8 data. The text was being cutoff at the first "\0". (Bug #11764522, Bug #57364)

  • New role functionality was added. It is now is possible to add schemas.*, tables.*, and *.*, and to assign privileges to each object. Before it was only possible to add individual tables when defining roles. (Bug #11761640, Bug #54153)

  • The auto-completion feature was improved. For example, it now includes the parsing of aliases and subqueries for SELECT statements.

Bugs Fixed

  • Microsoft Windows: In an EER Diagram, the circles at each end of a relationship line were rendered as different sizes. (Bug #12628088, Bug #54663)

  • Refreshing data in the Server Administration panel would reset the sort order, and the sorting order would default back to Connection ID. This could also cause the sorting method to be mislabeled. (Bug #16206194)

  • Closing a table's properties window from within the EER Model diagram window would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16185134, Bug #68101)

  • Closing the table properties window for a model caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #16072216, Bug #68027)

  • Symantec falsely claimed that the bundled file contained a virus. (Bug #16055645, Bug #67986)

  • An SQL syntax error would be reported when a comment was added to an INDEX. (Bug #15991038, Bug #67835)

  • Two preference settings were added for online DDL operations. Listed under Preferences, SQL Queries, under Online DDL, these new settings (Default algorithm for ALTER table and Default lock for ALTER table) set the default values for the Apply Script wizard, or these values may be defined when Apply Script is executed. (Bug #15893626)

  • Functionality (such as Copy to Clipboard) was missing from the right-click context-menu of the Schema browser when multiple columns were selected. (Bug #14834245, Bug #67417)

  • The Show Filter table listing for Export MySQL Table Objects is now sorted alphabetically. (Bug #14706782, Bug #66712)

  • Creating a table in a schema that had a "-" in the schema name would emit an error about an "unknown column", and fail to create the table. (Bug #14632271, Bug #66815)

  • MySQL Workbench could crash (segmentation fault) at startup if a configuration file was corrupt. (Bug #14622471, Bug #66776)

  • From the EER Diagram window, nearly completing the Database, Synchronize with Any Source wizard, and then pressing Back to the beginning, MySQL Workbench would crash after nearly completing the wizard the second time. (Bug #14611078)

  • The Bulk Data Transfer migration step would fail if too many tables were being migrated, because too many arguments were being passed to the command-line. This table listing is now saved to a new file named wb_tables_to_migrate.txt, which is now read during the migration process. (Bug #14588167, Bug #66611)

  • On Linux, the right-click context menu would differentiate between unselected and selected rows, when called from within the SQL editor results view panel. This menu is now consistent. (Bug #14539036, Bug #66308)

  • Changes to a table that a view referenced would cause an error while attempting to edit the view. This fix allows MySQL Workbench to work around the underlying bug, which is MySQL bug #61718. (Bug #14526308, Bug #66502)

  • Sometimes the Create Table... dialog in the Object Browser would emit an error instead of creating the table, after pressing Apply. (Bug #14520406, Bug #66169)

  • MySQL Workbench could crash after files became corrupted, but now attempts to regenerate the corrupted files. (Bug #14520133, Bug #65630)

  • The ability to select code in the SQL Editor by clicking on line numbers was restored. (Bug #14483713, Bug #66139)

  • On OS X, and in the table editor, the schema name was changed from a dropdown-box to a simple label. (Bug #14456213)

  • Right-clicking on a tab name did not show the New Tab, Save tab, Close other tabs, and Copy path to clipboard options. (Bug #14171956, Bug #65455)

  • Selecting the server engine default within the Alter Table window would generate an error. (Bug #14076198, Bug #65101)

  • On Linux, the Edit, Preferences menu did not wrap properly, and was too narrow so it would hide (cut) text. (Bug #14070969, Bug #64917)

  • The Model: MySQL, Default Storage Engine preference would not take effect until after MySQL Workbench was restarted. (Bug #13970619, Bug #64928)

  • On Microsoft Windows, holding down Shift with the Spacebar would not enter a space. (Bug #13919870, Bug #64820)

  • Changes to File, Document Properties for a Model were not detected or saved by MySQL Workbench. A Save prompt is now generated. (Bug #13040173)

  • On Linux, clicking Apply Changes when the cursor focus was in a data cell, the data content was not saved. (Bug #12922070, Bug #62232)

  • The EER diagram Arrange, Center Diagram Content option would hide objects from the diagram. (Bug #12898144)

  • MySQL Workbench would hang when attempting to connect with user accounts that utilized external authentication. (Bug #12896935)

  • If MySQL Workbench crashed when an EER diagram was being created, after restarting MySQL Workbench the EER diagram would be listed as "unsaved" but would not open. And it could not be deleted from the diagram list. (Bug #12642422, Bug #61444)

  • After selecting multiple objects and choosing delete, then choosing keep when prompted to delete or keep the selected objects, the relationship lines were still deleted. MySQL Workbench now asks if the relationship columns should be deleted or kept. (Bug #12565850, Bug #61113)

  • Under certain circumstances, synchronizing a database to a model would remove the mandatory relationships. (Bug #11834230, Bug #60312)

  • Changes made to a database schema while the Database, Synchronize Model wizard was active, would throw an exception. (Bug #11765036, Bug #57948)

  • On Linux, the initial selection of a table within the schema viewer would not display the "+" to view the selected table's data, such as the columns and views. Reopening the schema table navigation tree would show the previously selected table's "+" but this is now the default behavior. (Bug #11762205, Bug #54773)

  • On Microsoft Windows, Control + Delete would delete text from the left side of the cursor, instead of the right. (Bug #11761459, Bug #53957)

  • On Linux, a warning will now warn you after attempting to close the SQL Editor when unsaved INSERT changes still exist.

    Also, all platforms (Linux, OS X, Windows) are now consistent, and will also warn you after attempting to close MySQL Workbench with any unsaved changes. (Bug #11758193, Bug #50363)

  • The Default Schema setting was ignored by the Reverse Engineer Database wizard. (Bug #11757887, Bug #50002)

  • The bundled MySQL Client was updated to version 5.6.10.