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MySQL 8.4 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  INFORMATION_SCHEMA General Table Reference

28.3.1 INFORMATION_SCHEMA General Table Reference

The following table summarizes INFORMATION_SCHEMA general tables. For greater detail, see the individual table descriptions.

Table 28.2 INFORMATION_SCHEMA General Tables

Table Name Description
ADMINISTRABLE_ROLE_AUTHORIZATIONS Grantable users or roles for current user or role
APPLICABLE_ROLES Applicable roles for current user
CHARACTER_SETS Available character sets
CHECK_CONSTRAINTS Table and column CHECK constraints
COLLATION_CHARACTER_SET_APPLICABILITY Character set applicable to each collation
COLLATIONS Collations for each character set
COLUMN_PRIVILEGES Privileges defined on columns
COLUMN_STATISTICS Histogram statistics for column values
COLUMNS Columns in each table
COLUMNS_EXTENSIONS Column attributes for primary and secondary storage engines
ENABLED_ROLES Roles enabled within current session
ENGINES Storage engine properties
EVENTS Event Manager events
FILES Files that store tablespace data
KEY_COLUMN_USAGE Which key columns have constraints
ndb_transid_mysql_connection_map NDB transaction information
OPTIMIZER_TRACE Information produced by optimizer trace activity
PARAMETERS Stored routine parameters and stored function return values
PARTITIONS Table partition information
PLUGINS Plugin information
PROCESSLIST Information about currently executing threads
PROFILING Statement profiling information
REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS Foreign key information
RESOURCE_GROUPS Resource group information
ROLE_COLUMN_GRANTS Column privileges for roles available to or granted by currently enabled roles
ROLE_ROUTINE_GRANTS Routine privileges for roles available to or granted by currently enabled roles
ROLE_TABLE_GRANTS Table privileges for roles available to or granted by currently enabled roles
ROUTINES Stored routine information
SCHEMA_PRIVILEGES Privileges defined on schemas
SCHEMATA Schema information
ST_GEOMETRY_COLUMNS Columns in each table that store spatial data
ST_SPATIAL_REFERENCE_SYSTEMS Available spatial reference systems
ST_UNITS_OF_MEASURE Acceptable units for ST_Distance()
STATISTICS Table index statistics
TABLE_CONSTRAINTS Which tables have constraints
TABLE_CONSTRAINTS_EXTENSIONS Table constraint attributes for primary and secondary storage engines
TABLE_PRIVILEGES Privileges defined on tables
TABLES Table information
TABLES_EXTENSIONS Table attributes for primary and secondary storage engines
TABLESPACES_EXTENSIONS Tablespace attributes for primary storage engines
TRIGGERS Trigger information
USER_ATTRIBUTES User comments and attributes
USER_PRIVILEGES Privileges defined globally per user
VIEW_ROUTINE_USAGE Stored functions used in views
VIEW_TABLE_USAGE Tables and views used in views
VIEWS View information