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2.7 Workload Optimization

This section describes optimizations that you can apply to your data to improve HeatWave query performance. Optimizations include using dictionary encoding for certain string columns and defining data placements keys to optimize for JOIN and GROUP BY query performance. For information about applying these optimizations, see Section 2.7.1, “Encoding String Columns”, and Section 2.7.2, “Defining Data Placement Keys”.

You can determine where to apply the encoding and data placement optimizations yourself or run the Advisor utility for recommendations. The Advisor Auto Encoding feature provides string column encoding recommendations. The Advisor Auto Data Placement feature recommends data placement keys. See Section 2.8, “Workload Optimization using Advisor”.

Advisor also includes a Query Insights feature that provides query runtimes and runtime estimates, which can be used to optimize queries, troubleshoot, and perform workload cost estimations. See Section 2.8.4, “Query Insights”.