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2.2.3 Loading Data Using Auto Parallel Load

Auto Parallel Load facilitates the process of loading data into HeatWave by automating many of the steps involved, including:

  • Excluding schemas, tables, and columns that cannot be loaded.

  • Defining RAPID as the secondary engine for tables that are to be loaded.

  • Verifying that there is sufficient memory available for the data.

  • Optimizing load parallelism based on machine-learning models.

  • Loading data into HeatWave.

Auto Parallel Load, which can be run from any MySQL client or connector, is implemented as a stored procedure named heatwave_load, which resides in the MySQL sys schema. Running Auto Parallel Load involves issuing a CALL statement for the stored procedure, which takes schemas and options as arguments; for example, this statement loads the tpch schema:

mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_load(JSON_ARRAY("tpch"),NULL);