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2.18.6 Partition Selection Limitations

Before MySQL 8.4.0, HeatWave does not support explicit partition selection.

As of MySQL 8.4.0, HeatWave supports InnoDB partitions with the following limitations:

  • HeatWave cannot load partitions with Auto Parallel Load.

  • HeatWave cannot load partitions from a snapshot of the database.

  • HeatWave cannot load partitions from a table that contains dictionary-encoded columns.

  • HeatWave maintains partition information in memory. This information is not available during a restart, and the automatic reload on restart has to reload the entire table.

  • HeatWave can unload up to 1,000 partitions in a single statement. Use additional statements to unload more than 1,000 partitions.

  • HeatWave cannot load or unload partitions during the recovery process.