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2.9.8 Monitoring

The following monitoring practices are recommended:

  • For HeatWave on OCI, monitor operating system memory usage by setting an alarm to notify you when memory usage on HeatWave nodes remains above 450GB for an extended period of time. If memory usage exceeds this threshold, either reduce the size of your data or add nodes to the HeatWave Cluster. For information about using metrics, alarms, and notifications, refer to Metrics in the HeatWave on OCI Service Guide.

  • For HeatWave on AWS, you can monitor memory usage on the Performance tab of the HeatWave Console. See Performance Monitoring in the HeatWave on AWS Service Guide.

  • For HeatWave for Azure, select Metrics on the details page for the HeatWave Cluster to access Microsoft Azure Application Insights. See About Oracle Database Service for Azure.

  • Monitor change propagation status. If change propagation is interrupted and tables are not automatically reloaded for some reason, table data becomes stale. Queries that access tables with stale data are not offloaded to HeatWave for processing. For instructions, see Section 2.2.7, “Change Propagation”.