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2.14.3 Column Limits

HeatWave has the following column limits:

  • The maximum column width is 65532 bytes.

  • The column limit for base relations, tables as loaded into HeatWave, is 1017. Before MySQL 8.0.29, the limit was 900.

  • The column limit for intermediate relations (intermediate tables used by HeatWave when processing queries) is 1800.

  • The actual column limit when running queries depends on factors such as MySQL limits, protocol limits, the total number of columns, column types, and column widths. For example, for any HeatWave physical operator, the maximum number of 65532-byte VARLEN encoded columns is 31 if the query only uses VARLEN encoded columns. On the other hand, HeatWave can produce a maximum of 1800 VARLEN encoded columns that are less than 1024 bytes in size if the query includes only VARLEN encoded columns. If the query includes only non-string columns such as DOUBLE, INTEGER, DECIMAL, and so on, 1800 columns are supported.