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Chapter 6 HeatWave Performance and Monitoring

The MySQL Performance Schema collects statistics on the usage of HeatWave. Use SQL queries to access this data and check the system status and performance.

As of MySQL 8.0.31, the Auto Shape Prediction feature in HeatWave Autopilot uses MySQL statistics for the workload to assess the suitability of the current shape. Auto Shape Prediction provides prompts to upsize the shape and improve system performance, or to downsize the shape if the system is under-utilized. This feature is available for HeatWave on AWS only.

MySQL 8.0.32 deprecates the heatwave_advisor_report and heatwave_load_report tables, and replaces them with the heatwave_autopilot_report table in the sys schema. A future release will remove them.

You can also monitor HeatWave from the HeatWave Console for your platform:

  • For HeatWave on OCI, the HeatWave Console uses Metrics. See Metrics in the HeatWave on OCI Service Guide.

  • HeatWave on AWS users can monitor HeatWave on the Performance page in the HeatWave Console.

  • For HeatWave for Azure, select Metrics on the details page for the HeatWave Cluster to access Microsoft Azure Application Insights.