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  • Invoking Advisor without any options runs the Data Placement Advisor with the default option settings.

    mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_advisor(NULL);
  • Running Advisor with only the target_schema option runs the Data Placement Advisor on the specified schemas with the default option settings.

    mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_advisor(JSON_OBJECT("target_schema",JSON_ARRAY("tpch","employees")));
  • Running the Advisor with the data placement max_combinations and benefit_threshold parameters. For information about these options, see Section 2.8.1, “Advisor Syntax”.

    mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_advisor(JSON_OBJECT("auto_dp",
  • The following example shows how to view the HeatWave query history by querying the performance_schema.rpd_query_stats table, and how to exclude specific queries from Data Placement Advisor analysis using the exclude_query option:

    mysql> SELECT query_id, LEFT(query_text,160) 
              FROM performance_schema.rpd_query_stats;
    mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_advisor(JSON_OBJECT("target_schema",
  • This example demonstrates how to invoke the Data Placement Advisor with options specified in a variable:

    mysql> SET @options = JSON_OBJECT(
                "target_schema", JSON_ARRAY("analytics45","sample_schema"),
                "exclude_query", JSON_ARRAY(12,24),
                "auto_dp", JSON_OBJECT(
                       "benefit_threshold", 12.5,
                       "max_combinations", 100
    mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_advisor( @options );
  • This example demonstrates how to invoke Advisor in silent output mode, which is useful if the output is consumed by a script, for example. Auto Data Placement is run by default if no option such as auto_enc or query_insights is specified.

    mysql> CALL sys.heatwave_advisor(JSON_OBJECT("output","silent"));