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Query Insights provides the following data:


    The query ID.


    The session ID that issued the query.


    The query string. EXPLAIN, if specified, is not displayed in the query string.


    The query execution runtime in seconds. Runtime estimates are differentiated from actual runtimes by the appearance of the following text adjacent to the runtime: (est.). Actual runtimes are shown for successfully executed queries. Runtime estimates are shown for EXPLAIN queries, queries cancelled by Ctrl+C, and queries that fail with an out-of-memory error.


    Comments associated with the query. Comments may include:

    • Explain: The query was run with EXPLAIN.

    • Operation was interrupted by the user: The query was successfully offloaded to HeatWave but was interrupted by a Ctrl+C key combination.

    • Out of memory error during query execution in RAPID: The query was successfully offloaded to HeatWave but failed due to an out-of-memory error.


    The total number of queries with runtime estimates and total execution runtime (estimated).


    The total number of successfully executed queries and total execution runtime (actual).

  • Retrieve detailed statistics using the query below

    The query retrieves detailed statistics from the heatwave_autopilot_report table. Before MySQL 8.0.32, it retrieves from the heatwave_advisor_report table. For an example of the detailed statistics, see Section, “Running Query Insights”.

Query Insights data is available in machine readable format for use in scripts. Query Insights data is also available in JSON format or SQL table format with queries to the heatwave_autopilot_report table. See Section 6.1, “HeatWave Autopilot Report Table”. Before MySQL 8.0.32, query the heatwave_advisor_report table. See Section 2.8.7, “Advisor Report Table”.