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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide
Download this Manual Overload error Errors

The following table lists and describes NDB Overload errorerrors (error type OL).

Table 2.96 NDB API Overload error errors

NDB Error Code MySQL Error Code NDB Error Type Error Message
410 DMEC OL REDO log files overloaded (decrease TimeBetweenLocalCheckpoints or increase NoOfFragmentLogFiles)
677 DMEC OL Index UNDO buffers overloaded (increase UndoIndexBuffer)
701 DMEC OL System busy with other schema operation
711 DMEC OL System busy with node restart, schema operations not allowed
891 DMEC OL Data UNDO buffers overloaded (increase UndoDataBuffer)
1221 DMEC OL REDO buffers overloaded (increase RedoBuffer)
4006 DMEC OL Connect failure - out of connection objects (increase MaxNoOfConcurrentTransactions)