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20.6 Monitoring and Support Services Advisors

This section describes the Monitoring and Support Services Advisors.

HTTP Server Performance

Provides instruments for data that exposes the performance of an HTTP server.

Service Manager Health

Provides instruments for data that exposes the performance of MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

This advisor is responsible for the following:

  • Provides the data for the graphs on the MEM Service Manager page. To display these graphs, set the target selectors to Global Summaries, select MEM Service Manager from the All Targets menu, and select Timeseries Graphs from the Metrics menu.

  • Checks the timestamps of data collected by the agent to ensure the time of the monitored server is not set to a future time or date. Any data collected, with a timestamp of more than 5 minutes in the future, relative to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager's system clock, is discarded and a critical event is generated. The critical event contains information on the assets whose time is incorrectly defined.


    It is strongly recommended you ensure your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager server and all monitored instances synchronize their system clocks with the same time server.

  • Raises a critical event if the SMTP Rate Limit defined on an Event Handler is exceeded. If this rate is exceeded, no further notifications are sent until the period ends and the new period begins (1 minute). The event lists the name of the event handler whose rate limit was exceeded and the rate defined on that event handler.

    These events are not auto-closed and are not updated. That is, they only display the first failure.

    To create an event handler which sends notifications when the SMTP Rate Limit is exceeded, in the Create Event Handler window, select the ServiceManager: MEM Service Manager asset and the Critical Event Status. Define other values as required.


    This can result in a very large volume of emails, depending on the SMTP Rate Limits defined on your Event Handlers.

Support Diagnostics

Tracks MySQL configuration for bundling in the support diagnostics.

Unsupported Agent Version Advisor

As MySQL Enterprise Monitor is enhanced and extended over time, it is not possible to maintain backward compatibility between new MySQL Enterprise Service Managers and older MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agents. As such, running mismatched versions can result in unpredictable behavior.

It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your agents when upgrading your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent should be the same version.

This advisor detects unsupported agents that try to connect to this service manager.

Default frequency 00:01:00

Default auto-close enabled no