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21.1.1 Event Handlers

Event handlers are conditions associated with actions. If the condition is met, the action is performed.

Event handler conditions are comprised of the following elements:

  • Groups of assets or individual assets.


    It is not currently possible to select both groups and individual assets, you must select one or the other.

  • Advisors you want to raise notifications for.

  • Event statuses to trigger the notifications (WARNING, CRITICAL, EMERGENCY, and so on).

The conditions are constructed in the following way:

  Group AND Advisor AND Status

while the contents of the elements are OR clauses. For example:

(Group A OR Group B) AND 
(Advisor= MySQL Process OR Advisor=CPU Utilization Advisor) AND 
(status=Warning OR status=Critical)

If the MySQL Process advisor generates a Warning event for one of the contents of Group A, the condition is true and the associated action is triggered. The action can be one of the following:

  • Send an email or SNMP notification if one of the following occurs:

    • The condition evaluates as True.

    • The condition evaluates as True and the status changes to any other status.

    • The condition evaluates as True and the status escalates.

  • Auto-close the event if the current status of the event is OK, but the prior status matched one of those defined in the condition.