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19.4 Advisor Schedules

Schedules define when the Advisors collect data:

  • Fixed Rate: collects data according to a fixed schedule. If the schedule is set to 1 minute, and the first data collection is performed at 12:00, the subsequent data collection occurs at 12:01, even if the previous data collection is not yet complete. This is the default schedule for all Advisors.

  • Fixed Delay: collects data only after the preceding collection is complete. If the schedule is set to 1 minute, the data collection is performed 1 minute after the preceding collection completed.

  • Daily: collects data at the defined time. This is useful for collections with a large overhead on the monitored instance, enabling you to schedule the collection for an off-peak time.

  • Disabled: deactivates the advisor for all monitored assets, or for the selected group or host.