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The Email Settings section enables you to define the email configuration, such as SMTP server, username and password to use for all outgoing emails.

Figure 22.4 Email Settings section

Content is described in the surrounding text.

The Email Settings section contains the following controls:

Table 22.4 Email Settings Controls

Name Description

Enable Email Notifications

Select to activate the email settings controls.

From Address

The email address added to the From field of all emails sent from MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

SMTP server

The SMTP server address. The default port is assumed unless otherwise specified.

If your mail server does not use the default SMTP port, add the port number to the address using the mailServerName:portNumber format. For example, if your mail server,, uses the port 4456, add to the SMTP Server field.

SMTP Server Login

The username for the SMTP server

Update Password on Save

Select to activate the password fields.

Disable JavaMail TLS/SSL

Select if the SMTP server does not require an encrypted connection.

On Save, Send Test Email Message To

Enter an email address if you want to send a test email when the changes are saved.

Save Email Settings

Saves the Email Settings and sends a test email if an address is defined in the On Save, Send Test Email Message To field.