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23.2 Permissions

This section describes the permissions available in MySQL Enterprise Monitor Roles.

Permission Scope

There are two distinct permissions scopes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor:

  • System-wide Permissions: apply to all assets and groups defined on the system. System-wide roles grant access to all monitored assets.

  • Group-specific Permissions: grant access to specific groups of monitored assets. Permissions defined against a specific group apply to that group only. This setting affects everything the user sees. For example, Events are displayed for members of the group, only, and the status summary bar only displays information on the members of the group, and so on.


    It is not possible to assign permissions to the All group.

    If you log in to the application as a group-specific user, the View filter displays the group to which you are assigned, and the All group, which contains only those assets to which you have access.

Permission Groupings

Permissions are grouped in the following way:

  • Core Monitored Assets: grant or deny access to the monitored assets and collected data.

  • MEM/Service Manager: grant or deny access to the application and its settings.

Permission Types

The following grant types:

  • None: no access to the functional area.

  • Read-Only: read-only access to the functional area. The user can view, but not edit.

  • Administer: complete access to the functional area. The user can view and edit.

ACL-related Error Messages

  • If you have insufficient permissions to perform an action, the following message is displayed:

    An Error Occurred. Access denied. You do not have sufficient permissions to perform the requested operation. (U0403)